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should i get new t2 or old t2

Dpsnutrition has the new and old t2. Im about to go on a cutting cycle and haven’t used t2 yet. Which should I get? New or old?

cmon which one is better. whos used both and can comment

I’ve used and like both.

I really have no idea but would assume that the original would be the better choice as it is the version that was put out first meaning that it is that way that they wanted it to be before the gov`t stepped in and made them change it. I could be wrong but thats the way i see it.

I like the new. No cycling. Plus the T-boost effect sounds cool. See last Alt. Pharmacist article.

I havent tried the T2pro yet but the T2 was awesome, best product I ever used for cutting…I was sorry to see it go.

The old worked better but can cause thyroid down regulation if you stayed on it to long which can be bad and you don’t have to worry about that with the new. if it was a short cutting cycle (couple weeks) I’d use the old. if it was a longer cutting cycle I’d use both (not at the same time) by cycling 1 week old then 1 week new, etc. that way you get best results without risk of thyroid down regulation. or to be safe just use new and down regulation isn’t a risk.

I am presently using the old T2, I love it. But… all this talk of thyroid down regulation is freaking me out. Is this a real risk? What are the chances? Why would it happen?

As long as you follow the label on T2, there’s no probs with thyroid downregulation or whatever. T-mag talked about this alot. T2-Pro you don’t have to worry about- no need to cycle. I’ve had good luck with both but prefer T2-Pro for that reason.

If it where me I would use the old T2 if you can still get, hey get it while you can cause pretty soon you won’t be able to and you might say to yourself “Iwish I would have tried it”, you will always be able to get the T2 PRO.

As for Thyroid shutdown: They are being a little conservative on the label recomendations. I stayed on the old T2 for 6 weeks with no problems, I did take Powerdrive after that though for the L-Tyrosine’s effects on thyroid levels. But there is one company out there selling the same product with 100 mcg per pill instead of 50 mcg, and they are recomending upwards of 300 mcg/day, as biotest is advising 150 mcg/day. So you be the judge.

Personally though I would trust Biotest! But I still think 6 weeks on the old T2 is fine, in fact there was a article about this if you use the search, and one of the T-mag writers said 6 weeks is OK.

Tek, Clint, thanks for the responses. Both your inputs are much appreciated.