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Should I get a Varicocele Embolization, even though on TRT?

I am 23 and have recently gone on TRT, after a varicocele formed and my levels of testosterone and thyroid which were low, due to finasteride usage, crashed simultaneously. Back then the varicocele was painful and irritating. I iced it through the day, as sitting down made it worse

After about 2 months, I could not feel the varicocele really, even if I had hot baths.

I am in the UK, so have had quite a few appointments through the NHS, to diagnose the varicocele etc over many months, and I am booked in for an embolization soon, which will be free.

I did an experiment to see if the varicocele was still an issue, where I heated my testicles up deliberately, like many hot baths, and lo and behold I can feel it again, now days after the event, it isn’t like yell out painful, just an annoyance—something you can always feel. It is something to do with the blood pooling.

I was initially interested in getting the varicocele as I thought it would sort out my hormonal problems, but TRT has really helped me in all departments. And I have finally managed to balance my levels with AI, hcg and T. I feel I have something to lose now if something goes wrong.

I have read about people regretting the operation and that embolisations can cause problems, it is a permanent coil and they get rid of most of the veins to the testicle. So I am not sure what I should go for, I know it is not that bigger decision, just really can’t decide.

The pain can always come back, like it is now, and I think when I start work soon, I will be sitting for long periods and there are fertility considerations.

The varicocele is ‘small’ and you can’t see it, so maybe it will stabilise, it wouldn’t be hurting now if I hadn’t provoked it.

With varicoceles it is hard to find the actual truth of it and statistics.

Any thoughts and/or experience would be appreciated. I owe this forum as it has helped me get my life back.

The purpose of surgery is to seal off the affected vein to redirect the blood flow into normal veins. In cases of male infertility, treatment of a varicocele might improve or cure the infertility or improve the quality of sperm if techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) are to be used.

Clear indications to repair a varicocele in adolescence include progressive testicular atrophy, pain or abnormal semen analysis results. Although treatment of a varicocele generally improves sperm characteristics, it’s not clear if an untreated varicocele leads to progressive worsening of sperm quality over time."""

Be clear about facts.

If it is pain, get it fixed, otherwise not. If it gets worse you still have the option of getting the surgery later.