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Should I Get a Thinner Belt?

bought a single prong belt from EFS. It’s super sturdy and will last forever. It needs to be broken in still but now I’m wondering if I got something TOO sturdy for my current needs. I’m a tall dude and need back support for squatting, BB/Tvar rows, and maybe heavy overhead presses or deadlifts. It’s a hassle to use, super stiff, hard to get on and off. I know that this will get easier to use with time but I’m thinking for now to just get something a little lighter duty like this:

Once my poundages go up I’d start to incorporate the EFS belt again I guess.

I use a thick belt too.

The first couple of months may be rough and you may experience some bruising or chafing while squatting, but it will soften in time. When just leaving it around tighten it all the way, and this will help wear it in faster.

Belts are unpopular here with many, but I find I feel much safer when doing heavy squats or heavy overhead pressing when wearing one. It may be purely psychological, but in my opinion, your ALWAYS stronger when you feel safe, so thats what matters.

Have a good day

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I’ve had my Inzer belt for about 15 years now. When I got it, I could barely get it to contour my waist. Now, I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Last Spring, when my lower back was hurting doing squats (due to an injury a few years back), I tried getting a belt with a wider lumbar support, thinking it might be better for my aging spine (Sheik, 6" in the back). It was definitely a great belt (still keep it in my gym bag), but I just always found myself going back to ‘ol faithful’. Take some time getting used to it. You don’t want to rely on the belt for everything, but you do want to use it enough to have it break in specifically to you.


[quote]MODOK wrote:
That EFS belt isn’t tapered, so when you bend forward for t-bars, good mornings, etc it may dig under your lower ribs. It does me, but I have a short torso. I have a tapered Inzer forever belt I use all the time for the heavy sets.[/quote]

I bought the 13mm non-tapered belt too and after a couple uses I couldn’t stand it because it dug in my hips too much. I went with a 10mm tapered belt (got mine from APT) and love it but even with the thinner belt it still takes time to break it in.