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Should I Get a Test Booster? (18 year old)


So I'm 18 years old and I have low testosterone levels. I got a blood test and I'm somewhere around 250 ng/DL range which is low for my age (although the doctor insists that it's normal).

I'm experiencing nearly all the symptoms of low testosterone (fatigue, sleep problems, low libido, erectile problems, etc.) and it's gotten so bad that I can't even have sex with my girlfriend anymore.

After two months of going back and forth to my doctor and 3 blood tests later they won't prescribe me shit and they want me to go see an endocrinologist who won't see me for at least 2 months.

I'm tired of the bullshit and I was wondering if there's a supplement out there that I can buy that is strong enough to boost my T levels back to where they should be. I'm tired of waiting, having low test sucks and it's really slowing me down in the gym and everywhere else. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.


Assuming you're already working out/eating properly, the only thing that will make a noticeable differences are steroids.


Obviously it's messing with your life.

Find a new doctor.


Then get a referral to an endocrinologist who specializes in male hormonal related issues and find out why you are so low at 18. Jumping on some "test booster" is not the correct strategy. Step two via the endo might be HRT if they can't figure out why you are so low for your age.

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Hello that is a SERIOUSLY low test production for your age.....

Here is CT's answer to some guy wanting higher test:

Perhaps, if your endo is of no use this practise may be of some use to you.

However, are you SURE you are working out properly and eating properly ???


This is one of the worst responses I've seen in a while.

Regardless, I agree with the others that you should see a qualified physician to determine the cause of your problem.


This is a very ignorant response. OP do not listen to this.



A doctor and ONLY doctor should be recommending exo hormones to an 18 year old.


That doctor of yours is a quack; see someone else.


red kidney beans

beta carotene supplement

green tea



from my own experience, those things helped a lot


yeah okay, Which one will work more blatantly: taking a couple caps of TRIBEX or take a shot of 2cc's of test enanthate. Which one is going to pack more mass on the frame? Hes fucking right.

OP, get a second opinion. There are doctors out there that will notice your deficiency and will be more than happy to get you in the high/normal range. Cheers



eat way more fat, saturated fat and cholesterol



Obviously 2cc's of test will be more effective at raising his T than Alpha Male.

In my (possibly horribly incorrect) opinion, even mentioning steroids to an 18 year old who's got low T, can't have sex with his GF, and "is tired of waiting for a solution" is not the best idea without the supervision of an endocrinologist.


This post is about 4 months old, maybe he just got a hotter girlfriend.

Honestly; that would change the out look of 99% of life for us.


Thats what I said, get another doctors opinion on this. I didn't say, "Fuck, kid time to pin up!"


If that is your free test result then you are well within normal. If that is total test see an endocrinologist ASAP. Secondly, "natural test boosters" do jack shit in my experience. You are better off improving your diet, increasing saturated fat intake, and trying to cut down on body fat.
Finally, the "supplement protocol" given to you as a solution for low test would be ridiculously expensive for two months with no guarantee of improvement--a waste of time and money. See a doctor, get fixed, save money.


try increasing your fat, when i was on the Anabolic diet i was horny all the time, stags popping randomly lol.