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Should I get a new bench shirt?

I have used my size 48 Inzer EHPHD about 20 times and I feel it may have gotten stretched out. I have been able to get the shirt on easier than when I first started with it even though I have gained 10-15 pounds. I think that may be from wear on the shirt or better techniques at putting it on. I was wondering if I should order a new one for a big competition I have coming up. I need to get everything out of the shirt that I can.

if it is a poly… dude take it and wash it in a delicate cold cycle then dry it on high heat as hot as you can get it for like 3 hours none stop it works great, i did this and got a extra 20 plus pounds out of my old poly…just make sure you have some one good to get it on you as it will make it harder to get on…only do this if it is a poly…big martin