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Should I Gain Weight or Lose It?

I weigh 152 and I’m about 5”10 and around 21,20% body fat

what are your goals

Let’s see, if you aim to get to 10% bodyfat by dropping weight so you have dem abs, you’ll be what? 135lbs? But you’ll likely drop muscle so perhaps as low as 130lbs. That’s probably not where you want to be.

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Gain good weight and lose the bad weight. You must be a beginner or you wouldn’t be asking this question. Good news is its easy(ish) for a beginner to do this. Better news is that if you stick to the iron game you will both gain and lose weight throughout your life.

Ohhh alright thanks and how many calories and grams of protein should I be eating a day?

Moreso than training, nutrition is a personalised thing. Read some articles on diet and nutrition from this website and find one that you like. Start there and keep an eye on the scale and mirror. Increase or decrease as necessary. Gaining 2-5 pounds a month is about ballpark depending on how long you have been lifting for (in a gaining phase).

If he’s 20% at 152lb he doesn’t have any muscle to begin with.
A clean bulk or a cut at this stage isn’t going to make any long-term.

Figure out what you should be eating, at least a genetal ballpark so that you know you’re doing that correctly. Then worry about using a decent basic program (almost anything you borrow from this site or any reputable author), and then bust your ass for 6 months. Even if your weight doesn’t change I’d bet that your physique has.





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