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Should I Front Load?


New to the site and it’s not so easy to navigate.
So sorry for hijacking another’s post.
Incline bench 315
Do yea I do work out and not completely new to a cycle. First one was at 21
Last cycle was bunk sust/decka
Going with sustamed 250 and SP EQ 200
Planing on
500mg of sust a week Eod
400mg of Eg a week Eod
Running for 16 weeks
Weeks 6-14 will be ran with tren mix 150 at 400mg a week Eod
Front load ?

............... nope skibidopop blah bloop

IMO front load is not necessary with sustanon as you already have a couple shorter esters in there to get things going quickly.


As you are going to be running for 16 weeks i probably wouldn’t bother with a frontload. You can just let everything gradually build up in your system.

I have not used EQ but i am not sure if 400mg pw is a particularly effective dose. I’d consider starting at 600mg pw.

Have you used EQ and or Tren before?


depends on why he’s running the EQ. For the joint-health benefits, and cardiovascular benefits, I know some guys that run it at about 200mg/wk. It’s effective enough at that dose. It can obviously do more for you at higher doses, but with the other compounds you’re running, I bet you can get away with 400 easily.


Drop the EQ at week 14, its a long ester and takes more time to clear your system for PCT. If you already bought enough EQ for 16 weeks, you can use the excess to frontload it


Thanks for the info

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First off thanks for the replies.
Wow how times have changed. Back in the day yes many years ago T cypoinate was readily available for $25 10cc from many nurses. Standard protocol was 8 week cycle 10cc pyramid up then down. I was young and saw many gains.
Then came changes in laws ect. Damm off to Mexico I went.
Saus in 1 cc preloads was the rage. As was steen and test 300 for animals.
Work + life caught up with me and good bye gym.
Fast forward 25+ years later it’s all rocket science now
In the last 2 years I ran 3 cycles
I’ve ran tren, Saus, decca, with tren in my last cycle.
Last cycle I feel like it was bunk or way under dosed.
Now it’s time again to run a cycle.
EQ and tren
Wanting to get hard and some good cuts is the reason for EQ at 16 weeks. With tren at 8 weeks near the end.
I will run the Saus 2 weeks longer than the rest
Not truly worried about strength as I’m not trying to lift 400. My strength is great and only lost about a 30 pound decrease on bench during off cycle.

Plan is to front load Saus and EQ for quicker kick off
And run both Eod to have full advantage of the Saus short esters.
Aldo running Clen 2 on 1 off for the first 4 weeks and last 4 weeks
Water retention should be minimal and it definitely helps with my cardio.
I do have a full aray of Pct on hand.
25 yrs ago Pct wasn’t even thought of. Yea times have changed and I feel I’m new to all this.

Any and all advise is very appreciated
@flipcollar thanks for the reply. I’ve read your posts and like your knowledge and sound advise.


Yea the preloaded syringes are definitely a thing of the past. You don’t see those now.

Your cycle is almost exactly what I’m doing now, btw. I’m gonna be running EQ at 500mg for 16 weeks, tren at 500 the last 8 weeks. Haven’t made decisions on orals yet, but d bol is really my go to. Test will be at 750 the whole time. I’m 3 weeks into the cycle now, so obviously haven’t felt the EQ yet. Some folks say it takes at least a month for that to take effect, although I have a very clear difference in vascularity from just a few weeks ago. Could be from losing a few lbs though.