Should I Front Load This Cycle?

Hey fellas. I’ve been hearing alot about frontloading to get the best results from a cycle. My next cyle will be:

Test cyp-500mg a week-weeks 1-8
Equipoise-400mg a week-weeks 1-8
D-bol-35mg ED-weeks 1-4
Adex-0.5mg ED weeks 1-8
Clomid- 20mg ED weeks 10-12
have nolva on hand if gyno arises.

How much test and eq would be enough to frontload? Would I front the first week only or the first and 2nd week?

I’ve come to realize frontloading as unnecessary. Ultimately, a half-life is a half-life and pumping yourself with more AAS isn’t going to make things go any faster.

By the way, why is your projected Clomid intake so low? 20mg is a light breeze.