Should I Find a New Doctor

I started TRT 4 months ago. High range shbg (74), low free T, low thyroid. Dr. Put me on 160mg Test Cyp and 10mcg T3. My starting E2 was 18.

My e2 at the 6 week mark climbed to 45. My Doc says as long as under 60 he is happy. I asked for Arimidex because I feel bloated, etc. He said new research shows that higher estrogen (under 60) is a good thing. I complained and he gave me .5mg Arimidex per MONTH.

Everything I read here says estrogen in the 25-30 range is the sweet spot. I did split my dose and pin twice per week now…that has helped.

What should I do…?

Mine is at almost 50 and I feel fine. I just upped my dose too and expect it to climb furthur. I took an ai .025 twice after my increase to see if i felt different. The first one nothing happened 2 days later i took another then woke up with my knee feeling like someone took a bat to it. That ended the AI real quick.

Mine runs at 50-55 and I feel good. Joints especially feel better after d/c anastrozole. Total cholesterol dropped from 200-210 to 164-171.

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There is no range for a sweet spot. It’s completely individual and you will have to determine yours for yourself. Low E2 is just as bad, if not worse than extremely high E2.

You basically want your E2 at a level where it would naturally fall with a healthy Free T level. To mimic that with TRT where exogenous testosterone is being administered, you will have to adjust your T dosage over time, and do everything you can to bring your body back to a healthy body fat %.