Should I Feel Biceps on Front Squat (Cross Hand Grip)?

Hello. I was doing front squats today with a cross handed grip (don’t know if that is the proper term, but with my arms crossed in front of the bar). This series of squats was fairly heavy (for me) and a three rep PR.

As I was doing the last rep, I felt a lot of tugging in my biceps, and after I racked the bar, it felt like I had done some really heavy curls. Is this normal? I was going to do another set, but I was worried that the biceps reaction was not normal. Does anyone have any thoughts? I didn’t video it; I wish I had. Thanks

We’ve been over this, NO CURLS IN THE SQUAT RACK.


This shouldnt happen - it means your arms were doing too much work supporting the bar. You might be leaning too far forward or the bar isnt stable on your shoulders.

I really recommend doing the clean grip or simply using the yoke (sometimes called safety squat) bar. You dont want some small error in form to accumulate into an over use injury (trust me…)