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Should I Extend My Test/Deca Cycle?

Doing a 15 week test cycle @ 400 per week for 15 weeks and deca at 250/wk for same duration.

I was thinking about doing a longer cycle, thoughts on this?

id say 15 weeks is enough. maybe run the deca 15 and the test 17? dont see any reason to run it further because gains im sure have tapered off a bit in the last few weeks

Yeah but as soon as I come off I will lose most of the gains…Also. ive seen next to no sides from the test/deca so far.

you shouldnt be losing most your gains or your doing something wrong bro. Lower the volume once you come off. Some ppl forget how easy it is to overtrain and burn off all the muscle uve worked hard for. At most you should be losing 25% of your gains, mainly from waterweight and not actual muscle loss either.

Do you cruise and blast? I wouldn’t suggest this cycle unless you do. Pretty hard shut down.

Why are you so convinced you will lose your gains? That pretty much proves you don’t know what you are doing with diet and training.