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Should I Eat More?


Hey guys im a male 17 years old height at about 5' 8" and weigh about 117 (i know)... I run cross country and track year around and weight lift 5 days a week. and obviously need some help on my nutrition. Here is what i ate today.... MY GOAL IS TO GAIN ABOUT 5-7 LBS OF MUSCLE BEFORE I GRADUATE IN MAY

breakfast6:00am) (oatmeal pancakes with yogurt and apple topping)
.5 cup of oats
.5 cup of yogurt
3 egg whites
(ground cinnnamon)

snack: (8:45am) not much at all just 2 pb and j crackers (in school wasnt hungry at all, also hard to sneak food in class)

lunch: (11:45am) turkey and chicken sandwich on whole wheat toast
grapes and carrots

snack: (4:00) glass of milk w/ balance protein bar with pretzel (sourdough)

dinner: (7:00) pork chop with sliced potatoes
whole wheat toast
green beans

i drink an adequate amount of water each day and usually find my self not hungry... i run 6 days a week also ...
what do yall think?


Listen dude,

you are eating like how I used to eat before. That is- like my little baby sister does.

What are your goals?

If you wanna stop resembling a street lamp post, click on the diets section and check out one of the bulking diets (they are tons of them).

Jeez, you run 6 times a week and and lift weights 5 times a week- and you are eating like a girl who has just joined weight watchers.

You are definitely overtrained and undernourished. On top of that, you are still growing and in the middle of puberty.You need ATLEAST 2000 more calories per day.

Just my 2 cents.


Just some random thoughts:

Egg whites? WTF?

Cinnamon? Nice touch.

If you lift weights 5 times you overtrain or you do it half-assed.

If your only goal was to put on muscle I?d say skip the running for a while. Since that seems to be your main physical acticity you probably won?t do that, but then you?d have to eat A LOT more. Including yolks. Probably fast food. Small children.


The answer to your subject line is "YES!".

Dude, I'm pretty sure I consume more calories before I leave for work in the morning than you are getting all day.

I was in the same boat in HS. In fact, when I joined the Army my recruiter was pumping milk shakes down my throat all the way to the Entrance Station just so I would make minimum weight. I put on ~20 pounds in basic training, and believe me there was plenty of running and marching going on there. It was all about cramming huge amounts of food in my mouth (5000 kcal MREs didn't hurt either). So, to reiterate, the answer is "YES!"


Quick breakfast:

Blend 2 cups of milk (2% fat is perfectly OK, even recommended if you want to bulk), 2 scoops of Grow! (or 3 if you can afford it), a banana, and a serving of all natural peanut butter. If you use 3 scoops of Grow! and two servings of peanut butter, you'll make a shake that has almost, if not over, 1000 calories.

Talk about fucking amazing.


Take what you are currently eating and DOUBLE IT! Report back in about 3 months.



For him, whole milk is perfectly ok. Good recipe.


You should eat more.

"Above all, you must accept the inarguable fact that you must put more food into your mouth" -JM Blakely


Listen up: you better eat more, a lot more!
I'm about the same weight, and a lot older AND a girl, and I eat probably twice what you do.
First of all, look at protein. Your breakfast is only about 15gms (egg whites only about 3gms, and I'm not too sure about your yogurt). I'd aim for 20-30gms of protein, and 6 times a day.
You also need some more healthy fats. a little peanut butter and crackers just isn't enough to call a meal.

Read up on the articles here. There is so much more than I can tell you. But it's easy to see you won't be able to grow LBM without excess calories. Also be careful about too much cardio when you really want your food going to muscle
Good luck!


YES. The shake tip was great. You should INVEST in some protein powder (if you want to grow it's an investment). Have at least 3 shakes a day (they don't all have to be like the one in the previous post). Take 2 PNB sandwiches (with 3-5 tablespoons of pnb on them) to school and use one as an AM snack and one as a PM snack between classes.

Get a George Foreman Grill and buy cheap steaks or 80% lean ground beef in bulk and eat that before bed. Seriously, eat a lot more.



i appreciate all your replys...
and yes i do take a protein supplement, whey protein, though i think sice its from concentrate it messes with my stomach and causes excessive bloating etc.. what woul yall recomment


A stop at a buffet.


i apologize for my excessive questions but should i gradually raise my calories? bc i dont want any massive fat gains.... i mean i eat clean so if i eat more clean protein and calories will my fat % increase or will that help me just gain muscle?


All good advice so far if this kid wants to gain significant size, but I think there is a key question that needs to be asked first. I too ran cross country and track all through HS and college, and I can tell you that running that many miles year round makes it IMPOSSIBLE to put on any real mass (how many distance runners have the build you guys are looking for??). Not to mention the fact that putting on mass (anything over 5lbs.) is also detrimental to a distance runners performance.

In my opinion, Serd cannot have the conflicting goals of being a cross country/track and field athlete and getting "big". That being said, I think his goal was to gain 5lbs, which is certainly possible without changing his ability to excel in his chosen sports, and probably without going to the great lengths of eating tremendous amounts of food. I would guess that lifting less and using compound movements (which I'm assuming he doesn't do now)and drinking a few Grow! shakes a day would do the trick.

Long story short, do what makes you happy Serd, but realize that you can't always have your cake and eat it to.



Massive fat gains? Kid you could drink a whole bottle of canola oil with a chaser of olive oil and you'd still be skinny. You may die, but you'd die skinny.

You run 6 days a week and lift 5 days a week? You're 17, eat all you want, especially that skinny.

To quote someone (sorry, I dont remember who it was) "if all you have in front of you is a candybar, eat the fucking candybar." You dont have to eat clean at your weight (it'd be a good idea) but getting calories in should be your main priority, no matter what they are.


See I know that i can't gain size since im a runner, and im not wanting to gain/ bulk to gain so much size. im just wanting to gain at least 5 lbs of muscle. is it possible? i dont know

right now im a senior, 17 years old and 117 whopping pounds... my lack of nutrition is hindering my performance greatly in both strenth and times in cross country...

so im just asking i want to gain say 5lbs of muscle i dotn want to bulk or get tremendously huge bc that will justcrash myrunning altogther. i want to weigh and abou 125 or so but with more muscle than before.. So YOU tell me what you think it takes to do that???
im starting to try really, @ least 5 meals a day with protein and all the good stuff... i workout a 5x a week.. and eating more...

What was meant by your post? please give advice and help..thanks


I know this has already been said, but I think it is very important for you to realize that lifting five days a week is hurting (not helping) your ability to put on muscle. You need to do full body workouts three times a week. This alone (before I even began to learn about proper nutrition) allowed me to put on about 5-10 pounds of muscle when combined with Grow! shakes. Make sure you are getting a shake post-workout, both after running and lifting.

Just FYI I am also 5'8", weighed 120 lbs. when I graduated from HS, and 135 lbs. when I graduated from college (running cross country and track throughout). I looked a lot more healthy at 135 and it didn't hurt my times at all. However, I also just did some natural "filling out". If I had put that much weight on too quickly I surely would have seen my times suffer.

I have been out of school now for about a year and a half, working out seriously and getting proper nutrition for the last six months, and I now weigh about 160lbs and have gained a lot of strength. Even though my body was capable, I never could have put on this weight while running, hence my comment about conflicting goals.

FYI, some of the coaches on here probably have some experience with athletes that want to put on some size/strength without gaining a lot of weight.



then what would u recommend for me since you have a runnign background like i do? here is my usual routine

monday: chest tris and abs
tuesday: back and biceps
wednesday: shoulders abs
thursday: REST
Friday: repeat Monday
Saturday: repeat either tues or wed.
Sunday: REST


I think ProfX said it best once in a poast a long time ago. Whoever it was, they had to stuff their face with food. And just when they didnt have any room, drank milk to fill in the cracks. If I recall, close to puking at times. That, my friend, is what you need to do. And hey guess what? If you gain some fat, its probably good for you anyway. Dont get a man-arexic complex.

I suggest cutting down your lifting days. Something to like 3 or 4. What you're doing is overload. When was the last time you took a week off anyhow? My guess would be....a long time ago.
I think it was Ian King that had the top 10 list for putting on mass. I'd suggest checking that out too and other programs. Scrawny to brawny??


For a good 3 day program check out Chad Waterbury's TBT (Total Body Training).