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Should I Eat More?


I do not know what I'm seeing here...

First off, I'm 29 years old and I started working out 2 years ago (today actually). In that time Ive gained roughly 40+ pounds in muscle. And that put me at 240 pounds total at 6.36 feet.

The thing is, I don't eat a lot at all. Way less than some of my training partners who have to eat a LOT to get anywhere. I eat the same 3 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And this is more than enough for me to see gains still. I even have to hold back a little not to get chubby.

However, I have read the guides and I've heard the advice time and time again. "6 meals a day" "1-1.5grams of protein per pound" etc. We all know this.

But I'm seeing more gains than any of my friends while I'm eating less. Granted a lot of that is due to trying to find out how to do everything correctly, but at the same time it seems weird.

Should I still eat more? I've tried it and I just gained fat with no real notice in extra muscle gain. Made me feel more sluggish too.

"I don't even.."



[quote]K.E.S.S. wrote:

Should I still eat more? I've tried it and I just gained fat with no real notice in extra muscle gain. Made me feel more sluggish too.

i would have to say you answered your own question, if youre getting results that youre happy with by eating the way you are, and eating more makes you gain just fat and makes you sluggish, than keep doing what youre doing. there was actually an article on this site a few weeks ago saying how eating the 6 meal a day thing is sort of unnecessary and studies have shown this, however i still eat about 6 a day to get my calories up without having to eat 3 huge meals.



(thats the link to the article i mentioned above)


If you are progressing at a good rate ie lifts going up, adding muscle and little fat then i would say no you do not have to eat more. You can try to eat more to see if you can get a bit more progress. But you also cant force gains. You can only gain so fast. I wont take up the space to reiterate the building muscle is like building a house analogy because its in plenty of articles (one by CT). 3 meals a day is fine as long as you hit your macros. Its personal preference. Some prefer more meals.


Everyone is different. It sounds cliche at this point but height, bone structure, daily activity's, size of your organs, history of eating disorders, etc. all plays a part in calorie requirements.

You were blessed with a thrifty metabolism which will come in handy after the zombie apocalypse.


Even a noob would be hard pressed to naturally gain 40 pounds of muscle in their first two years. I would contend there is absolutly no way you gained 40 pounds of muscle, i suspect there is a large amount of fat in the 40 pounds you gained.


what exactly are you eating?


Be glad for this gift you have... But your cuts are gunna suck.


you dont know what you're talking about

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If you think a guy who cant tell if he is eating enough really gained 40 pounds of pure muscle, than you are retarded.


If you are making good gains eating the way you are then keep at it.
I'd be interested in how many calories are you eating in those three meals though.


Yeah its just that. I feel that I get enough food and I see the gain both in size and strength. But according to what I read and hear it should not be that easy for me. And thus I posted here about it. Will check for that article.

Its not that I "think that 3 meals is enough". It's more that I still see pretty decent gains. Better than I would expect based on how little I feel that I eat. Again this is compared to "what everyone has been saying".

I work in an office so I move about 12 feet a day. No eating disorders and bone structure is pretty average. I dont really do much in the exercise department other than the 4 times a week at the gym.

In the face of zombies it would be handy to starve slightly slower to death than the rest of the human population :).

Noob... Not seen that word used in a few years. Actually I gained 55.1155 pounds over these 2 years. But I counted away ~15 pounds as water/"food in belly" and fat. Im not shred, but I never was. Right now you can see the top 4 abs peeking out and i got a little "carb buffer" that I like to call it over my bottom abs.

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread with fish in tomato sauce on it. Also some fish oil.

Lunch: 4 slices of bread with 2 "cakes" of ground beef. / Or a huge bowl of chicken salad. Like 60% chicken.

Dinner: Whatever as long as it has a minimum of 500g of pure meat/chicken/fish and some good carbs. (Either dark bread or steamed vegetables like carrots or such).

I avoid any meat/fish/chicken that is not "pure". So the meat from say McDonald's with a whopping 33% actual meat in it is obviously a no go. (I pulled the 33% number out of my ass, I dont know)

Olive oil for fat

I don't touch anything that has been refined if I can avoid it. Sugar, flower etc. Also if I eat rice I don't eat the white shit, but the brown awesome rice.

(on a side note it's a job finding food that is actually decent. That's a job in itself.)

And depending on when I workout I will either do it just before dinner or if its after dinner I take 2 slices of bread with chicken on it and a protein shake.

So normally 3 meals a day, but if I work out late (maybe once a week tops) I throw in 2 extra slices of bread with some chicken.

Meh, havent really gone for that yet. A gift? I always thought it was fairly common for a lot of people to be able to gain weight fast. Which is why I'm here asking this question as I don't feel "unique" in any aspect. I just experimented with food and even cut the daily protein shake and still saw the same gains. (So now I only take the one after having been to the gym)

Ehh. I see that I am eating enough and it puzzles me as "everyone" keept saying that you have to eat 6 meals yada yada yada and I still see nice gains while not popping a box of tuna every 2 hours.

Please don't mistake me being humble and polite for being dim. I'm posting here because I want to get the most I can out of my training and progress ahead. Not to "show off" with numbers that I have seen lots of other people do better than me.

I'm trying to be as factual as I can be as it's the only way I can get pointers that are relevant and helpful. And it would not be helping me at all if I made shit up on the go.

Prior to typing this post I did a few drafts in my head and looked at some old photo's and my old weight. Got a new weight taken under the same circumstances as I did 2 years ago.


You're eating upwards of six slices of bread every day, yet you 'dont touch anything refined'?
Does not compute.

On a slightly more helpful note, if you're gaining weight and strength eating how you are then carry on.


We're obviously not talking loaf here. It's bread that claims to have 75-100% of non refined flower in it. No, I did not have a slice sent to the lab to have that verified. But if it helps I can assure you that it is so dark and seedy that it does a damn good job at fooling me if that is it's intention. Also I aim to not touch anything refined. But if I'm hanging at the edge of a cliff and someone forces me to eat 2 slices of loaf in order to help save me, then I would eat it up and praise that loaf for being the best damn loaf there ever was.

I thought that I would save everyone time by trying to keep this simple, but maybe this is my fault for not posting a 2 page essay surrounding every minute detail relevant or not.

However having had people say "yep its fine" does answer my question and thanks for that.


This approach should provide additional energy and not make you feel sluggish:

Hone in on an exact number for your calories (on a weekly basis is fine -- simply weigh what goes into your fridge and take inventory periodically; obviously requires a food scale). After the number is known, then add one additional food. I would suggest Coconut milk or oil (I would suggest this first if you are not eating EVOO). Add something like 300 calories from that source and see how that goes. The reason I would go with Coconut oil is that MCTs have a slight repartitioning effect (many studies on this, I can find something if anyone wants).


Learning your body is the key to this. Im only just getting to the point where Im able to make better more intuitive decisions on a daily basis after 7-8 years of this. You are doing well if youve already noticed that 3 meals a day does it while more leads to fat gain. Dont force yourself to do something that seems counter to your instinct despite what certain Guru's say. Wish Id paid more attention to my instincts earlier.