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Should I Drop HCG?

Hey Guys,

I’m running 200MG /1ML a week of Test Cyp. No AI as I’m not showing any signs of increased E2…I’m also prescribed 33iu Mon/Wed/Fri. This was my 1st week of HCG and been running Test for the last 3 1/2 weeks.

I noticed when I started running the HCG that my BP felt higher, I was warmer and maybe even a little “Anxious”. When I wasn’t running it I was perfectly fine and loved the test feeling (even tho it might be placebo since it takes 3-6 weeks to kick in)…

Honestly, we’re probably not going to try for kids for another 2-3 years. I don’t care about a little ball shrinkage. I’ve heard plenty of people stating that unless you’re going to try and have kids in the near term, don’t bother with the HCG. It can be problematic and some guys don’t react and some have side effects.

I won’t be taking new set of bloods for another 3 weeks. With the information given, am I one of the many who is not reacting well to HCG? Should I drop it and just run test until we’re ready to try and have a kid?

Appreciate the advice!

I’m not even sure how you could measure that teeny little dose accurately. Or why you would bother. If that’s not a typo, then it’s a pointless injection anyway.

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Clearly a typo… 330

You can skip it if it’s causing you issues. If you can manage to handle a lower dose then perhaps you can try that instead. A little goes a long way when it comes to preventing testicular atrophy.

I can relate to feeling high BP and anxiety on it. I stopped 2 days ago, and have been feeling dangerously calm since. My thoughts are like well organized sheets of paper on a desk. With HCG it felt like a mountain of paperwork with a huge gust coming in the window, and all sorts of exciting flashing lights and loud music.

I will say anytime I’ve taken HCG (I tried it months ago alone), I feel a surge of energy that T doesn’t give me. But it’s not worth feeling like I’m cracked on drugs.

I’m planning to try it again once I get a really good feel for T alone. If I start getting anxious again, it’s done.