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Should I Donate Blood?

This is my blood range pre cycle .
I Will use 12 weeks tren 75 Eod and test 500 xweek and the last 4 weeks only test e 500 and win 50 ed
RBC 4-50.6-00 —- 6.09
HCT 38-54% ———54.20%
HB 14-18 —-17.70
are they too high? Do you need to donate? or I can start and maybe do the analysis again in a few weeks and possibly donate. ? because I donated last year and I am not happy to give sincerely :slight_smile:
Thx lot

I think you should do a red cell donation before starting your cycle

Now? Or wait Middle cycle? Repeat the blood test and eventually donate? And now take the baby Aspirin 3xweek

Do it now and skip the baby aspirin. You are only going to be able to donate blood every other month or so. I did a power red dono and I can only donate once every 4 months.