Should I Do WS4SB?

ive just tried the starting strength program and didnt really like it. Ive been looking for a new routine.should i go with the WS4SB program. bearing in mind that im not training for a sport, i only want size+strength. at the momentim just a beginner and im not sure if WS4SB is right.

thanks in advance

WSFSB III works great. I’ve been on it since April and have not only managed to drop 30 lbs on it but am stronger and harder than I was at 238. Admittedly, I changed the setup some: I changed the DE squat day to an RE squat day, I do chins and rows but less rear delt work. Between this and the Elite Beginners Program, it will also give program design a method to the madness. I keep a log of what I’ve done here:

If you’re a beginner, then you should have the recovery capacity to squat heavy three times a week and add weight every time you squat. Same thing with benching, rowing, pressing and deadlifting. You’ll do these heavy 3 times every two weeks, and you should be able to add weight each time. Each day you’re pushing yourself 100% on the big money maker exercises.

WSFSB is more akin to an “intermediate template” like the texas method… where one is advanced enough that heavy work is only possible once (heavy pressing once, and heavy squatting/pulling once) a week because one has a higher muscular effeciency. Smaller accessory exercises are used to help increase gains in the money maker exercises (the same ones used in starting strength).

People who’ve been lifting a while would LOVE the ability to hit exercises heavy three or two times a week and add weight each time.

WS4SB will have you gain size and strength, but I think a program like starting strength (same exercises 2 or 3 times a week, pushing yourself 100% on strength) will allow you to do it faster.


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