Should I Do Wide Grip Smith Machine Bench?

Bros chest started growing fast after he started doing wide grip smith machine bench,should i implement it?

Obvously we hit DB and barbells mainly for chest but I always stayed away from the smith and was always told to stay away from the smith machine. But after seing results of my bro who is a hard gainer on his chest i was wondering, should i incorporate this workout into my routine or is it useless?

I’m assuming you do bodybuilding style workouts. All you can do is try it. I wouldn’t drop my freeweight work completly tho. Figure out if it works for you.

why don’t you try it ? you won’t loose your gain because you do something different…

Aren’t you doing 5/3/1?


You should find out if the smith machine works for your goals and isn’t going to lead to injury. If it ticks the boxes, use it.

The complaints about the smith machine I hear are lack of stabilizers and fixed ROM. I find those to be compelling arguments for the smith’s efficacy on chest development, since regular flat bench is as much tris/shoulders as anything. If you’re doing 5/3/1, though, despite not having Forever, I’d be surprised to hear Jim created a smith template. I sincerely hope you’ll ask Jim about smith machine bench ASAP. If we’re talking strictly hypertrophy, John Meadows and Paul Carter are both fans of the smith.

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Only really use smith machine for chest when doing guillotine presses however echoing other comments, if it is prescribed in your program to not use the smith machine, then dont

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