Should I Do TRT

Iâ??m new to this forum and have been diagnosed with low T and am have just started TRT with Nebido.
But Iâ??m having doubts as to whether I should continue on it or try to increase my T another way.
Iâ??ve read some of the threads here and have gotten some good answers already just by going through the stickys.
So here is some info on me.
35 yrs, 116kg, 195cm, fat percentage approx. 23%-28%
Been working out my whole life. Started lifting weights when I was fourteen as part of the basic strength training for my ishockey playing. After that Iâ??ve basically lifted weights ever since in addition to doing other stuff like, Brazilian jiu jutsu, Floorball, soccer, skiing, crosscountry skiing etc. basically Iâ??ve been very active my whole life training 3-6 times a week.
Considering all the training Iâ??ve been doing one should think Iâ??m in great shape, well, Iâ??m not.
This is what has really frustrated me for many years I DONâ??T GET RESULTS. My stats for the primary lifts 1RM are. Squats 175kg, deadlift 190kg, benchpress 125kg, power clean 105kg. As you can see not very impressive. So I Always thought I was doing something wrong with my training and therefore started reading and educating myself in order to get it right and get results.
I followed different training methods, Rippetoe, Wedler and crossfit to name a few. But every time I was unable to follow the advancment for more than 2-3 months. I tried all of the tricks for getting up higher but it just stopped.
Iâ??ve also always had fat on my belly, like an apple shape. I mean how is it even possible with the amount of training I do to get really fat like I am. I tell people I exercise regularly sometimes 6 times a week they just look at me in disbelief. So maybe itâ??s the food thatâ??s the problem.
Well, Iâ??ve done the same approach there, used lots of time to educate myself and even though I find it hard to be on a super strict diet all the time Iâ??m good with the food about 85% of the time. And I know Iâ??m much better with the diet than a lot of my friends and they are not nearly as fat as me.
So I went to the doctor and asked if we could test my T levels, first question was if I had erectile problems. Well I donâ??t and told him so. Then why would I want the test. After telling him my story and also telling him how tired I felt all the time and how it was a struggle to go to the gym and do a god quality training he agreed to do the blood test.
Here is the result:

Total T: 8 (8-35)
SHBG : 17 (8-60)
Free T index: 4,5 (2,3-9,9)

Not good. So we did several other tests a month later and the TT, shbg and FT were in the same area, in addition we did these tests as well.

Free T4: 18 (11-23)
LH 2
Vitamin D3: 65 (50-150)
PSA: 0,5
TSh: 1,5 (0,2-4)
Zink: 16 (9-17)
Vitamin B12: 327 (170-650)
Estrogen 17beta: below 0,06 (below 0,18)

After this my doctor sent me to the experts. Iâ??ve been to two diffenrent Endocrinologist and one urologist. The urologist said I had clear signs og Hypogonadism and wrote a supportive letter for me to get treatment and sent me to the Endocrinologist. She examined me and concluded that FT was within normal range and I should not be treated. I went to another Endocrinologist and he said the same. I went back to my doctor who said that they were full of crap and asked me to go back to the urologist who then wrote out prescription for 1000mg nebido and set me on a treatment.

I am now two weeks into the treatment and am getting second thoughts along with some sideeffects from the T.

Iâ??ve gained 4 kg of weight in two weeks and am clearly retaining water. Thanks to the Sticky I now know that this is most likely because of my fat transforming my T into E. So next time I go and have blood tests I will discuss this with my doctor.

But after having read this I thought that maybe my problem from the beginning was my fat levels, and would an AI be able to boost my T levels without actually taking any T?

All the posts I saw on Nebido was quite old, most of them from 2011. Is there any new experience regarding the long absorption time of Nebido opposed to getting shots 2 times a week? When I look at charts online that show absorption time it doesnâ??t look at all bad from my perspective.

Well anyway after two weeks on Nebido I still feel tired, Iâ??m more bloated than ever, but man have I got power in the gym. I blast through the sets with my old weights like it was paper and even though Iâ??m bloated around the belly, my legs arms, chest and neck have had some remarkable changes in a very short time.

So what do you guys think, should I continue TRT or should I try and find some other way to enhance my T?

Your story sounds much like mine. I gained more than 18 pounds after starting cypionate. My blood pressure skyrocketed. Found this sight and read every sticky and thread on estrogen. Being convinced I needed an AI I called my doc to make an appointment. I tested e2 and it was over 100. Doc sent me to a endo who prescribed anastrozole. I felt better in about 7 days, but the fluid didn’t start coming off until about three months and is still slowly coming off.

I too wonder how well I could have done on anastrozole alone as my total t shot up 500 points in three months from the AI. Doc lowered my cypionate by stretching out my dose. I now take 50 mg cypionate every five days and .5 mg anastrozole daily. I really feel much better. No more sleep issues, hot temper gone, nothing seems to bother me. High estrogen is no fun. I was miserable.

Guys with higher BF% will aromatase more T->E2. Like Jim said, elevated E2 will make you feel bad.

You need more blood tests. Otherwise we are just speculating. There is a list in the blood testing on which ones to get. Your SHBG is already low, so I would pay special attention to the thyroid labs, liver marker labs, and throw in an insulin resistance test.

Your lowish TSH and highish T4 would indicated some degree of hyperthyroidism.

Read through the stickies at the top of the forum.

Ok, thx.

I’m going to the doctor this Friday so just to make sure I have copied the correct tests from the sticky i will copy them here so you can review and make changes as appropriate.

THS 3 rd generation
TT -total testosterone
cortisol am and free
vitamin D 25 oh
estradiol sensitive assay
B-12/folate serum

Also I found a guy on the web warning People against trt claiming that it will shut Down the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. If I go With the advice here and use both AI and HCG will this still be the case. What other hormones than LH will I effect With trt?