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Should I Do This Workout?


So i read trough " inside the muscle " article series by Bret Contreras and basically what it's about is him testing something called EMG on some muscle groups while performing a variety of exercises.
him and 4 other people of different build apparently.

At the bottom of each article he wrote up a workout based on the results i have taken those and put them together in a workout and i am wondering does this look good to you?

Flat bench press with dumbbells
Incline bench press with dumbbells
Flyes or dips, still haven't worked that one out
French press

calf raises
Barbell Glute Bridge, at home, cause it just look too stupid to do in public.

Turkish Get Up
Ab Wheel Rollout

Chin ups
dumbbell bent over rows
Prone trap raises
Dumbbell curls

Barbell shoulder press
Lateral raises

Yeah so what do you think?

I have been doing 5/3/1 for about 2 cycles( i skip i the deload) and have had good results but i tire out mentally from always having to go balls to the wall on the last set of the main exercise, then to do 3-5 more sets afterwards.


looks fine. probably would do back squat and conventional deadlift. the low back fatigue would be shitty. maybe front squats or machine squats and deadlifts? or romanian deadlifts? i unno. something to think about.


Are you doing 5/3/1 with those exercises or are you missing rep and set scheme?




Oh my goodness, I've never seen a workout so amazing, how did you make it?????

I'm gona gain 50lbs of solid muscle in 6 weeks on that I can feel it


The sarcasm is strong in this one :slight_smile:


What's the point of turkish get-ups? I'm not flaming here, I've seen them done, just don't understand what the benefits are.

Edit: search button is a hell of a tool.


Well, you gotta have something to keep you going when you live in Scotland :wink:

This question, as well as the myriad other 'critique my routine' threads reminded me of a response I got from a mate of mine - when I gave him a basic routine to follow he said "wow, where did you get that routine from, it's great". I told him I had to travel many galaxies, fight many enemies...(lol).

Some people seem to have no common sense (the ability to work things out for themselves), they seem to think a routines got to come from someone else - "if it's not Ronnie Coleman's, or Brad Pit's then forget it, it can't possibly work". It's as if the author of the routine had some magical powers, whereby a certain arrangement of special exercises and methods somehow "poofs!" together to form an amazing muscle building/fat shredding machine...the routine is so special and complicated that it's almost beyond human comprehension


Apparently belly dancing has something to do with it. I don't see how this helps my quads though.


What I'm trying to say is that as soon as people realise how frikkin' simple building muscle is, the sooner they can focus on reaching goal 1, then goal 2, then goal 3, and back to goal 1 again...instead of obsessing over how "efficient" their training is. The irony of it all is that those who obsess over getting the absolute "best" out of their training (or really lean gains from their diet), are often the ones who're left behind!

It's far easier to reach a goal sloppily, than it is "perfectly"


Been saying that since my first log in...and years later, you can see the ones who reached the goal and who didn't.

Just for the slow ones, it was damn sure NOT the ones who think every detail needs to be perfect before starting.


Just to note, you aren't doing 5/3/1. Because if you were, you would do the deload and you wouldn't be going balls to the wall every workout. You aren't following the program.


So glad I grew out of that way of thinking. I guess the point where it started to "click" with myself is when looking over previous logs and realising that I made more progress in the year where I gained a "sloppy" 50lbs than in the proceeding 3 years where I was obsessed with finding the "right" routine/diet. That year was purely fuelled by my own feedback and eating without paranoia.

Everything I've come across in the real world seems to work this way as well; done so much construction work/renovating on houses lately (self taught) and one thing is always paramount; you the initial job done quickly ("slap it on"), then worry about the details later, or fix as you go along once you've done an appreciable amount of work. Whatever you do, don't spend ages doing and perfecting just one little thing at a time, you'll never finish the job. As soon as you see the progress coming along, it spurs you on to continue and you get better as time goes by.


There is a difference between
Just train stupid
Just train, stupid