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Should I Do PCT If I Haven't Experienced Any Testicular Atrophy?

Hello guys, So I recently finished my first cycle of 16 weeks of test e 500 mg of test every 10 days. My last shot was 2 weeks ago so I was thinking about starting a pct but one of my gyms experienced users told I don’t need to since I haven’t lost any testicular size and I am still in my mid-20s. So what do you guys think about that?
Also, I would like to mention that sex drive is a little bit down compared to when am on but I still can get my shit up. So, should I do PCT, and especially should I run hcg?
I would really appreciate your insights. Thanks

Yes of course you should run a pct, wont make a difference whether your nuts are smaller or not, your body still isnt producing testosterone.
Just run the standard 4 weeks of nolva.

Thanks for response bro. i might as well add some clomid at 50 mg per day for 4 weeks. I won’t take hcg tho since my balls didn’t shrink and I heard a lot of people talking about comibining it with Serms saying it is a bad idea.

Yeah dont use hcg on pct. You’ve only run a basic test cycle so nolva will by fine by itself, a lot of people get nasty sides with clomid. Upto you though.

Thanks a lot for the insights Bro.!

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