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Should I Do My Workout Or Not?


Before I went to the concert I doubled up my lower/upper body workouts and took two days off afterwards. Im on WSFSB(with a 4 day modification). Well todays my ME upper body workout day and im STILL hurt in some places(bruises near both elbows, delt pain, etc.) should I half-ass my way through the workout much lighter or not work out at all?
Personally I was thinking its more efficent to just skip another day so I can actually have a good one...but eh Im not 100% sure. As long as I dont compromise my form, yeah...so what do you guys think?


Listen to your body, what does it feel like you shoud do ? I usualy train one day when I have pain and then take it easy 1-2 days. but that is probably because I dont use a training program =)


rest another day or two, you don't want to injure yourself, then you'll be out longer


you answered your own question. wait till it feels ok, but don't be a bitch.


Yea, take another day off from heavy lifting.

Maybe you can just do some light cardio/GPP/ESW so you don't feel like it's a complete waste of a day.

Throw around some really light weights in circuit fashion or anything to get your heart pumping and blood flowing.

I always feel better if I do something.


Personally I would go in and see how you feel once you start lifting some weights. Some days I feel like shit and wind up hitting PR's or having a great practice, etc. Of course some days I feel like shit and I lift like shit and play like shit.

I think "listening to your body" is a little overrated. I think often how we feel is not neccessarily indicative of our body's state of readiness.


Shit, i work at the gym overnight part time on the weekends so i have to pick up a few weights anyways. I DID take the day off...but by picking up a few 45 plates somehow i hurt my delt even worse. I came home and rested all day with an ice pack. Praise the lord i didnt start working out---first thing on my list was bench!

i would be missing a head right now! :slight_smile:


Especially on ME day. I like being completely fresh on ME day, as if I'm sore at all and the warmup doesn't help, I don't bother. Go for the light day, some pushups or something.

Glad you took a day off huh! It can't hurt once in a while.




Well then, in that case... good thing you didn't listen to me.

Lesson as always, I'm an idiot.


Nah, you just had to ASSUME how i felt/got injured--which makes the advice a bit hard to give.
I appreciate it though, because thats actually what i usually do if im sore or had a pain from another workout.