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Should I Do Bill Starr's 5x5?


My lifts today are:

bench: 235lbs
squat: 315lbs
deadlift: 415lbs

Can i still squeek out some linear progression or is it too late? I've attempted the program last year and i failed hard, but I want to try again.


What has Bill Starr's got to do with linear progression?


Yes you should. Do it just as it as written. If you dont understand something, ask someone who will and DO NOT change a single thing about it.


you did the program and failed, you want to do it again. SO FUCKING DO IT AND DONT FAIL THIS TIME
SOrry but I think its just lazy and stupid when people ask if they should do a generic program, either do if you want to and do it right or pick something else, just go lift.



Regardless, I think you should give it a shot. I like these programmed workouts as it gives you a goal to shoot for each time you're in the gym.

When I've been unable to complete them, I contribute the cause to not eating enough. I'm not saying you have to force feed, just eat enough in order to recover.


OP, what is your great-grandmother's middle name through your grandfather on your mother's side?

If it is Alice, then you should do 5X5. If it is Bernice then you shouldn't do it.

Clear enough answer for you?


sorry professor, it isnt a clear enough answer for me. what if it's henrick?


not sure if srs



I like the Bill Starr program, but like StormtheBeach said, follow it to the letter, don't customize it, and make sure you estimate your maxes a little low, it's better to spend an extra 3 weeks getting stronger than to feel 3 weeks into a program that would have worked. Good luck with it,


Bill Starrs 5x5 works. I used it when I was a beginner. Eat lots and don't party too hard on weekends.

Don't change anything. Having said that I used the deadlift instead of the power clean because I can't power clean. And remember Starr said in MILO years later that the incline bench press is preferred over the flat, but I think that just pertains to football training.

When you read 'the strongest shall survive' bear in mind that was first published in something like 1976. Starr was way, way, way ahead of his time. He knows his shit.

In retrospect, and I'll probably get flames for saying this, his 5x5 on the big 3, plus his recommendations for sets of 10 on the assistance exercises like calves and leg extensions and curls, isn't that much different from 5/3/1. There not the same; obviously, but I do see some similarities in the underlying principles.