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Should I Do Another Cycle?


Hello all,

have not been on in a little while..but still training and eating (who wouldn't?). I am looking for help regarding if i'm ready to go back on.

Firstly, (before my stats, training, and other stuff) i have 2 cycles under my belt, one at 19 (lost most of it due to knee reconstructive surgery recovery, from soccer) and another at 20 (kept most of my strength gains but lost some muscle gains)

I have had gyno surgery about 4-5 months ago (not from juice, it was pre-existing), results look good, a little swelling but puffy nips are gone.

my stats:
-23 yr old
-185 lbs
-13-15% body fat, an assumption (abs are usually visible, but nothing crazy cut)
-like i said before 2 cycles
-personal bests: Bench 200 x 2, Deadlift 405 x 1, Squat(atg) 285 x 2

Before i put my training, i will just write the cycle i was thinking about: -12-15 week cycle of test e @ 500mg
-Arimidex 1g ed (a little strong but i found it helped with my pre-existing gyno before, but i dont have that issue any more so im not too sure)
-hcg weeks 2-17 unsure about dosage
-PCT is unknown, i must read more i forgot all the info i use to know about pct's....perhaps some tore and clomid, but id have to check on a dosage, and id prob run that for 6 weeks. starting the week after my last pin

training: i have no problem writing down my weekly split, but its a 6 day schedule and if anyone thinks it matters i will post it. A fair amount of cardio is implemented along with 3 days weight training.

basically, i dont want to go through gyno again and i want to know if i should even be thinking of a cycle since i did 2 at such a early age...my lower body is very strong in comparison to my upper body so im still playing catch up (yes i know there should be an imbalance but i took that into consideration) it just wont grow the same as my legs...im hopeing to get a more square chest and bigger arms from this cycle..

my back and shoulders are a nice size, but the last 2 times i got off i was unable to maintain the mass i had on my arms and chest (if there's another way, i train hard, perhaps im not training smart enough?) Anyways my rant is done, i will gladly answer any questions and thanks for reading i look forward to hear some feedback

also some help on PCT,Arimidex & HcG dosage/feedback would be greatly appreciated


it took you 2 cycles to get to a 200 lbs bench press? I’ll forgive/ignore your terrible deadlift and squat numbers because I don’t know how healthy your knee is, but come on man. I hit a 200 lbs bench press in my first year of lifting weights. And when I started lifting, I was just benching the bar.

Learn how to train and how to eat before you even THINK about doing another cycle. This is pitiful.


You are still a relative beginner in terms of strength. I am sure it reflects in your body as well. If not, then you have Shawn Ray’s genetics for muscle gain. I doubt it.

I suggest you put more time and effort into learning how to eat and train instead of thinking about another cycle or you will lose everything again.


this thread makes me kinda sad


[quote]Yogi wrote:
this thread makes me kinda sad[/quote]

It’s ok man. He may be another Shawn Ray lol.


… Best part about that this thread… Gives me hope and makes me feel better that there really are people suck at the bench (and other lift) WAY MORE THAN I DO. Op do you want me to give you honest advise or can I commence with the flamming.


my favourite part was where he said his lower body is “very strong in comparison to my upper body”

His squat is only 80lbs more than his bench!


Its 85 pounds Yogi


[quote]Reed wrote:
Its 85 pounds Yogi[/quote]

oops, my mistake. Dude’s a fucking TANK


[quote]Yogi wrote:

[quote]Reed wrote:
Its 85 pounds Yogi[/quote]

oops, my mistake. Dude’s a fucking TANK[/quote]

Hey, he does them ATG man! Dumb juice monkeys and their fake steroid strength!