Should I Do a Teen Competition?

I leave for Marine bootcamp in 7 months. Its been a dream of mine to do a bodybuilding competition as a teenager , as im sure i wont have the time while in the Marines. Currently debating if i should , its all for the experience and to be on stage with those of the same goals. Im 17 , 6’2 , and 190lbs , and wondering how you would go about this if you were constrained for time , and what the best route to go is. Included pics!- image|500x500

More muscle needed,unless you want to do physique.You can also do a local show.Best route is to do it after your camp.7 months is not enough time to gain appreciable muscle and then lose a chunk of it by cutting.

yea physique is what id like to do , not sure how to go about it though , should i gain for a couple more months then prep ? or prep now and do one in the next couple months?

Not enough muscle for BB or physique.

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The first half of this sentence I agree with. The second half is pure shit. So physique guys lack muscle?

OP if you really fancy it and it fulfils a dream of yours then go for it.


Physique competitors do have less muscle though.

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correct. but he needs more muscle for either. You said he needs more muscle for bodybuilding, but not physique. That is an incorrect statement.

A proper, slow cut will not reduce his muscularity. That would be a bad cut. Many people actually grow into shows.

Anyway. OP, if I were you, I’d go ahead and do it. It sounds like it’s something that’s important to you. If you can find a show to do that is just before your bootcamp, that would be ideal. You could spend the next 3 months training and eating as much as possible, and then the last 4 months could be devoted to competition prep. If I were you, I’d hire someone to do your diet. It’s going to be a very, very difficult road if you don’t work with a proper diet coach. If this is important to you, you’ll find the funds to make this happen.

Best of luck, let us know what you decide!

@vvfoo , I have to say, I’m really getting tired of a 16 year old with 1 year of training under his belt telling people outside of the beginner section his bullshit bro-knowledge. You’re wrong about so many things, and yet you continue to give advice like you’re qualified to do so. Just stop, man, you’re doing a lot of people a disservice this way. Be a little bit more responsible.


I’ve seen countless folks enter a Physique contest because they honestly believe you don’t need an impressive amount of muscle to win. This leads to a couple of things:

1- They get a rude awakening when the guys finishing at the top actually have an impressively muscular build.

2- If this false impression is widespread enough It makes more guys in the lineup look even less impressive and makes the division more of a joke to hardcore bodybuilders.


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would you suggest this particular dude take the plunge, given what he said about his desire to compete as a teen, and the small window he has to do it?

Definitely agree with everything you said btw, the misperception of the division is problematic. I see myself as having an appropriate amount of muscle to compete in physique, and I’m not particularly small. Plenty of guys out there who have competed in both open bodybuilding and physique, and done well in both, without drastically altering their physique.

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thank you very much for your insight man ! I appreciate the help and advice you give around these forums. Also , as im hoping to do my best at bootcamp , i will be cutting weight before i ship anyway. Also , ive been at lower weights before , definitley helps with pull-ups and crunches which are necessary for the Marine physical tests. However , its been a dream of mine to compete as a teen , but also a Marine , therefore im trying to intertwine them. Ill be in infantry , so i wont have much time to train im sure , let alone a competition. My original plan was to do what you stated , 3 months to gain as much muscle / least amount of fat as possible , then a slow cut with a coach. Had a show in mind on May 4th , 2019 , Natural Mr. Philly that a buddy of mine is doing. Lines right up with all my pre-ship stuff. Anyway , let me know your opinion! I appreciate it.

Just throwing in my .02 here. IMO it will come down to your primary reason for doing the show. If you want to do it purely for the experience of it, and are not concerned with how you’ll finish, go for it. From a competitive perspective, and please keep in mind I say this knowing that a competition prep is a hell of an endeavor and shouldn’t be taken lightly, I don’t think you have enough muscle to be competitive when you’ll get on stage. You’ve got at least 20 lbs to lose before you’ll start looking ready, and at that point might look more malnourished or skinny rather than ready for the stage. Physique guys, good ones, still have a very impressive amount of muscle and great proportions, they just don’t have to get as lean as bodybuilders do.

So, again, if you want to do it primarily for the experience of it, go for it. But, I think you’ll need a couple more years in the gym of serious training and eating if you want to have a physique that will be competitive on the stage.

If you do take the plunge, as others have said, highly recommend you seek out a coach to guide you through it. @The_Mighty_Stu is a solid choice, speaking from experience :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was thinking. It sounds from his tone that this is more about the experience than winning, so I based my advice on that.

thank you very mich for your advice and help. I will try to add on as much size as possible within the next three months then prep. Hopefully will be able to achieve something “good” , thank you again for your insight !

yep , thanks man i appreciate your help ! Hopefully can attain something good.

Im giving my opinion.Tell me what im wrong about.

this. this is wrong.

I’ll make sure to point out every time I see you say something that is definitively wrong going forward. You’re welcome.

Not ready yet. Keep pushing and have patience.

I meant that his chances are better in physique.What would you have said?

I was going by what you said, not what you meant. People who read your posts on the internet can’t read your mind.