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Should I Do a Powerlifting Comp?

Why does it matter if the comp is tested? Find the closest one at the best time and go for it.


IPF doesn’t allow TRT, neither does IPL/USPA. Not sure about other feds. If you’re not about to set a world record or win a big prize it doesn’t matter if you compete tested or not.


And why no squatting?

BS. Read the rules, if you obey the rules go compete, if you don’t go compete somewhere else. Cheating is a crap thing to do if you win or not.

If you are worried about testing, just go pick an untested FED, it’s that simple. There is no good reason to be a cheater.

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I have a few herniated discs and one torn disc from a car accident. When I squat, I guess the weight pushes down on my spine and it really hurts. I stick to front squats instead :/.

I’m not trying to cheat. I get my levels tested and i’m always in normal range or right above normal range.

Thanks for the answer! I’ll have to call around and see what each federation says.

If the fed doesn’t allow trt and you are on trt, it’s cheating regardless of levels or if you can pass a test. Just lift untested.

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For what its worth, I decided to commit to my first Powerlifting comp 3 weeks ago or so.

I’ve joined a fed, and signed up to a comp and I have never enjoyed training as much as I have in the last 3 weeks.

Even if I don’t enjoy the comp day itself (not for 2-3 months) I’m glad I signed up for it.


Maybe you misunderstood, I’m not telling him to cheat, I’m telling him that even if there is a fed that allows TRT under a therapeutic use exemption it doesn’t really matter because he’s not going to set a record or win anything anyway, he might as well compete untested.

I said it before and I will say it again, if you cheat and lose you are only cheating yourself. Does anyone care if the guy in 17th place in a tested meet took a prohibited substance? Maybe to laugh at him


Just have fun. Don’t cut weight. Lift raw without wraps. Open each lift stupid light so there is 0 stress about making it.

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Just to let you know why WADA rules and most tested fed don’t allow TRT, there is evidence to suggest that exogenous testosterone provides performance enhancing benefits beyond what endogenous testosterone would do, at the same exact level. It seems unfair that you at basically banned from competitive sport for life because of something that happened when you were a kid, but powerlifting is the one sport where you have the option to compete untested so you might as well do it. Until you’re at an elite level it’s just you vs. the weight, you’re not really competing against the other lifters.

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That was my approach to my first meet, I wasn’t sure if I would like it but I just wanted to give it a try and see what happens. Things didn’t really go the way I wanted them to, but I still had a good time and now I’m looking at doing my 4th meet in the spring.

Will do on all counts, except I am going to cut to a lighter weigt class. Ill be close enough that I dont have tk do anything drastic and the weigh in is 24 hours so plenty of time to carb up. Though I won’t mind if I have to compete in the weight class up, Ill still qualify for nationals unless I have an absolute nightmare.

Typically they aren’t gonna test you unless you are breaking records or putting up monster numbers.

Besides, what are they gonna do? Put you in jail? Pfff…just go compete. If its a TRT dose, you’re levels will not be any higher than the majority of lifters there who don’t need it. A TRT dese will not throw up any red flags unless it more than a typical TRT dose.

Don’t sweat it. Just go compete.


I think the term ‘cheat’ here means not abiding by the rules, just because your T level is normal and you’re on TRT if the Fed doesn’t allow it you’re not following the rules therefore its ‘cheating’.
Like most have said either find a fed that allows TRT or go untested. Simple! :smiley:

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Regarding tested v. untested I have my opinion but my opinion won’t resolve the issue so I won’t pile on.

Regarding TRT, if your doses are so far apart that you are seeing in your bloodwork a notable drop in free T, then the injections are too far apart. Stop in the TRT forum and read up. For many, even on T cypionate which is the longest acting ester, 1x injection per week is too far apart and it is advocated to inject every other day.

Regarding your question, just sign up and do it. There is never a perfect time to get your first competition under your belt, so just do it. I’ve done 4 and now am happy just doing 1 per year. I use it as a measuring stick to see how far I’ve come along and see how much I can put on my total.

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You might have Cyp and Prop mixed up. Cyp or Enanthate once a week is fine being slower longer ester and half life is still 5-7 days. Prop or Susp are the shorter acting; hence the EOD protocol.

I didn’t mix them up. Cyp and Enth have long half lives like you state. I’m referring specifically to much of the advice on the TRT forum advocating 2x or even EOD even on Cyp or Enth.

But my real point is that the OP should look to a frequency that avoids swings in T, as only bad things happen as your levels crash.

The advice is bad. It makes no difference other than wasting a lot of needles/syringes. Your levels will not drop off enough for you to notice any difference.

I’ve been on TRT for over 4 years. There is no swing or crash that happens pinning once a week. My endocrinologist prescribes once every two weeks - THAT IS ACTUAL PROTOCOL FOR TRT REPLACEMENT FROM A PROFESSIONAL.

You also do not need HCG or any other type of AI when on a TRT dose.

Mind what you read even on this site.

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