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Should I Do 5/3/1 for Beginner?

I’ve been reading tons about 5/3/1 for beginners. Most people say its actually a program for intermediates.

I’ve been doing ppl for 3 months and im 17yo,180cm,76kg. I deadlift 75kg, bench 60kg and squat 70kg.

I want to get athletic,strong,fit. I dont want to waste my time counting calories,it makes me anxious. I just want to have healthhy lifestyle and get fit,not go crazy about calories to get sub 5% bodyfat. 10% is enough for me.

Whhat do you recommend me to do?

5/3/1 for beginners or do like sl 5x5 or smth like that? I want to stop ppl because its boring and not intense as i like

Sounds like most people are pretty silly.

Do it. It will work for you.


In other news, bears shit in woods.

Pick a non-idiotic program that excites you and that you can do consistently and with intensity. Do it with consistency and intensity. Eat to support your goals.

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Ahhh, good to see the internet has caught onto the trend of coaches trying to fool us by labelling their own programs incorrectly.

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I wouldn’t even consider doing 5/3/1 for beginners until in had my intermediate lifter certificate framed and on the wall.

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Funny eh? I just found out boring but big is actually a program with lots of variety and geared towards trainees who want to lose muscle and get small. Those damn baity names…