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Should I Decrease the Weight?

Generally when I work out I don’t decrease the weight in order to maintain the same amount of reps. For example I stay at 180 bench. First set is 13 reps, second 10 reps, third 8, and fourth 5 or 6.

What are the benefits/adversities of this? Should I be decreasing the weight in order to maintain the same amount of reps?

You’re pyramid-ing down your reps with the same weight. Why not go heavier and achieve the same effect?

Do you mean start with more and do less reps from the beginning? Start with 200 at 8 reps maybe?

The only reason I’m asking is because I hear a lot of people recommend staying with the same reps for every set. I use free weights so this can be a bit difficult.

13reps of 180
10reps of 185
8reps of 190
5reps of 195

better results that way. I think thats what Growing_boy was suggesting. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

I’m saying do 180x12 and whatever you can for 10, then 8, and 6. Increasing the weight from 180. Did a personal trainer tell you such hogwash? Same weight, same number of reps…bullocks!

How long between sets are you talking here?

Is there any way to work this into periodization?

I think that the pyramiding down would be more for hypertrophy. Staying the same weight is usually for strength increases such as the 5x5. Pyramiding up reps and decreasing weight also apprantly helps strenght. Well, that is what I have come to understand correct me if I am wrong.