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Should I Cut Out Whole Wheat Bread?


long story short.... i started at 184 lbs. and 8 monthes later im around 205 lbs. now i want to lose the belly fat i gained with the bulk while obviously trying to keep most of the muscle mass. anyway, here is roughly what my diet has consisted of lately.

6am 1/2 cup oats, 2 whole eggs, 25 gram shake
9am either tuna, turkey or chicken on whole wheat with fruit.
12am same as 9am but with a yougart
3 pm same as 9am
6 pm whatever my wife cooks.( usually more chicken of fish with lots of vegies)
745-9pm gym with cardio(run 3 days and walk or something else for the other 2)
915pm shake with peanut butter and 2 whole eggs.
thats pretty much it.
its so easy to make the 3 sandwiches the night before but is all that bread just defeating the purpose.
thanks for the help...


if you have to ask, the answer is prob yes


well thanx anyway


If you are trying to cut weight, then yes, the bread is not helping. I’m not really seeing any healthy fats until your shake at night.

First try dropping the bread and replacing it with things like avacados, oils, nuts, seeds, etc. Then try dropping overall calories. And then maybe the fruit, if you want to go even further.


Don’t forget to maintain at your current weight for a while (8+ weeks) in order to get your body to create another ‘set point’ to start from.


Does that 8+ week stuff really make a difference?

Also i would say cut out that yogurt, depending on what kind it is. I know that dairy products/Wheat products always make me look a lot thicker, as im sure it does for a lot of people.


thanks for the answers. i do take fish oils and i snack on almonds during the day. so cut out the bread, yougart and fruit??? geez… im gonnna starve!