Should I Cut or Bulk?

Hello, im 177 pounds and 6.1, Im wondering if i should cut or bulk to achieve this body type? (This is my short term goal, like 4 month maybe)

and this is my long term goal

as you can see in the picture im not looking for a huge bulky type of body. Im currently looking like this:

I don’t know if im considered skinny, or skinny fat, or whatever so that have make me really confuse if I should cut and then bulk or the opposite, and i would be really thankful for some advice.
Currently im doing crossfitt 3 times a week, but im working on a box that focus more on Strength training than cardio, I have been doing it since last month, apart from crossfit im going to start the gym soon and go 2 times a week to do more weightlifting.
But the major problem is that I have no idea if i should start a diet focusing on a calorie surplus (to bulk) or a calorie deficit (To cut) what do you guys think?
Thank you

I’m gonna get in here before a few other members try to rip you a new one.

If you’re looking like the third picture, there’s really no difference between the first picture. And the second picture seems fine as far as progress goes.

I don’t think it matters too much to be focusing on bulking or cutting.

Find a sweet spot with your nutrition, that allows for you to progress in the gym. Be it for weightlifting or CrossFit. Just make sure you’re fueling your workouts, and maybe decreasing calories a bit on days where you’re resting or whatever.

I can guarantee you won’t look “bulky” anytime soon. The only way that happens is if you completely screw around and eat too much.

Perhaps follow some guidelines listed in many articles on here. Just pick one, stick with it and be patient. Also stick with it for more than 4 months. Give it 6 months to a year.

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If building muscle were really that easy; trust me, most of us here would choose to be ridiculously huge mongloids. If I were you I would just try to add muscle. You’re too small anyway to be thinking about needing to “cut” or whatever. Seems like you’re headed in the right direction. Stay consistent and eat well most of the time and you should be fine. Like @planetcybertron said, give it 6 months to year and learn what your body responds too.

Youre aiming low IMO if you your goal is to be some concentration camp looking motherfucker.

You can probably look better than the dude/s in the pic/s at the very least it isn’t very far off. I reckon lean/slow bulk with a focus on relevant musculature of just overall and focus on progress in training for 6 months to a year and one decent cut should have you all good.

Eat enough protein and watch the scales to see if you are gaining a couple lbs a month. ez sauce

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simple. if it were easy, america wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic
(yea I’m bored)

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ez sauce

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well, the topic isn’t ‘how do you go from obesity to the pictures above’. It was ‘how do you go from looking like a skinny guy to a different skinny.’ Which is ez.

Honestly santiago, it looks like if you shave your chest hair, you’ll look like your long term goal. I can’t see any substantial dfference between your physique and that one. I also don’t see a difference at all between the short term goal and long term goal. If you told me those were all different pictures of you, I would have believed it.

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Yeah as above, just train hard for like 6-9 months on a program off this site and you can hit your target -any template by Dan John, Thib, Paul carter etc

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