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Should I Cut or Bulk?

Bulk or cut

haven’t you created like 5 threads about this in the last month or 2?

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No, i never did…

We’re all beautiful the way we are!


Uh, you have.

oh- so I’m not seeing things… that’s good

So you didnt post these then?


Did i ask if i should xut or bulk there you fucking moron?


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looks like someone needs a snickers bar



Tbh doesn’t matter whether you bulk or cut right now because whatever you end up choosing to do first you’ll end up running a couple of alternating bulk and cut cycles anyways before you reach your goals. So stop wasting your’s and everybody else’s time with this bullshit and go lift (I vote bulk tho).

My votes on a very slow bulk, gaining <0.5 lbs / week, focusing on getting stronger in all your big compound movements. It you take it slow you could make straight gains for half a year. Then again I’m just a fat power lifter who doesn’t mind getting fluffy.

Whatever you choose do it properly and stick to it consistently long enough ffs. If you back here in a few weeks asking whether you should bulk or cut I’ma actually roast you.

Good luck.

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*crowd chants

Roast roast roast roast roast roast

What if he asks again in 2 days? No roasting?

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No roast loophole detected

For survival reasons, I wouldn’t want any less fat on my frame than what you have. So find some more food. Hopefully you will stumble across a better attitude while your at it.

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This isn’t the cheery gifing guy I know.

But for real this guy posting looks like he’s never stepped foot in a gym. Just go lift and eat how your eating. Put some effort in for a year or two before messing with cutting and bulking.

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Nvm Vince roasted him…