Should I Cut or Bulk?

I’m currently 15 and 8 months, 5”5’ and weighing around 155-160, so on the heavier side. I’ve been debating cutting or bulking first, and I’ve been told that since I’m a teen and I have hormones on my side that it’s better for me to bulk these next few years. I’ve barely gone to the gym over the last year, and my max bench is 130 for 3. My other maxes are pretty low so I’m not going to include them for my dignity’s sake. My question stands, shouldI bulk or cut first?

I would start with going to the gym consistently.


Wrong question for your age. At 15, just train hard and eat clean and you will lean out as well as put on muscle. Read some articles and pick a program off this site and can see results fast.

Also at 5’5 Presuming you would like to grow a bit taller I wouldnt diet in any way until say 19. By all means tho can cut out all sugar and junk food etc

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neither - you should kill

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Yes, I think what they were trying to say, and I definitely agree, is to just let your weight gain happen naturally. If you’re training correctly with barbells you will definitely put on mass, naturally.

Cus training stimulates hunger, and then you eat mre, you get bigger, then you lift heavier, which stimulates hunger again.

See a pattern?

Yeah, killing people builds more muscle than weightlifting and burns energy better than sprinting. Everybody should kill lots of people.

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I know, right? Noobs get so caught up in the bulk/cut mindset that they totally neglect the basics of killing

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