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Should I Cut or Bulk?

Been bulking for a while, noticed that my waist seemed to get bigger. Not sure if bloat or if I’m putting on too much fat. Here are pics unflexed vs flex. Should I start cutting or keep bulking?





Bodyfat estimation is also appreciated.

Are you looking for input or validation?

Hmm? I’m looking for input on if I should cut or not. I can’t tell if I’m just feeling bloated from bulking or if my bodyfat level is too high.

Ain’t a genius but it seems like your bulk is going fairly well. Wouldn’t know considering there is no before picture. @JFG, I’m inclined to believe it’s more validation than input.

Only you can decide if you should keep “bulking” or lean out. What is your primary goal? If your primary goal is to get more muscle mass, then keep eating a caloric surplus, train hard and be ok with less definition for a while. If you’d rather lean out based on your current physique, then do it. It’s impossible for anyone looking at your pictures to tell if you’re bloated, or adding body fat. Only you could possibly know the answer to that based on how you’ve been looking. If you’re serious, take pictures weekly and see if you notice a difference over time.

I don’t understand why you’re asking for a body fat estimation. If you want to know, get some calipers and check. Ultimately, what does it matter what the calipers say? If you think you have too much body fat, get leaner.