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Should I Cut or Bulk Now?

Hey there, Ive started Working out for the first time 16 weeks ago, I have been on a dirty bulk for 16 weeks now.
Im 32 5’10 178lbs ( was 167 before I started my bulk) My estimation is that im between 20-25% Bodyfat.
I have been running Fierce 5 Novice program for 16 weeks heres my main lift progress
Squat 135/255
Bpress 105/150
Ohp 95/105
rdl 95/165
Pendlays 95/135
Heres some measurement / pictures
forarm 12’’
writst 6.5’’
Bicept 14’’
thigh 23’’
calves 13.5’’
hips 39.5’’
waist( at navel level) 36’’
and pictures

Should I be looking to bulk or cut? I dont have much muscle I suppose and Im not obese either, most of the fat is in my gut tho which looks terrible

If you want to be bigger, you should bulk. If you want to be smaller, you should cut.

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Assuming the weights you posted are in pounds and not kilos, you should do neither. Eat good food till you’re full, and eat whenever you’re hungry.

It might also be a good idea to track macros and eat at or slightly above maintenance. Keep running what you’re running I think I was at an awkward skinny-fat place when I started bulking from your weight too

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yeah its pounds my bad

Naw its cool, I go by pounds myself

Depends on your goal. If you want to look good, you never should bulk at your fat %. You have solid 15% to cut first. But maybe you are going for pure strength or aby other goal than physique. Then do whatever you feel like. But the thing above is for sure. Want to look good? Don’t bulk at 20% bf.

Eat in a small surplus and lift harder.