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Should I Continue to Bulk?

ey everyone. I currently am weighing in at about 202 at 6ft tall with about 13-14% bf. I am eating good foods about 3700 cals per day. I am gaining a little bit of a stomach, but I think I should continue to bulk. Maybe to about 215lb? The pants have def gotten tighter, so I dont know if I should cut for about 2 weeks, or what.

I want to be about 215 with about 10% bf when I reach my goal. Currently doing a 4 day split. legs, chest/bis/abs, off/cardio, shoulders/tris, back/abs. My cardio mostly consists of walking dogs and kick boxing. Let me know what you think.

If you “cut” now you will lose everything you gained. Dense grainy muscle takes YEARS to grow.

Keep eating, and lifting.

You are my height, and 50lbs lighter than I am, and I look small in pictures. You need to keep gaining.

Also, if your goal is 215 @ 10% you will need to hit a soft 240-250 and hold that weight for awhile. Unless you plan on taking 45 years to gain 2lbs a year.

Cutting for 2 weeks is pointless.

If you think youre fat then go on a legitimate body re-composition diet for 8-12 weeks. If you think you are gaining too much fat in relation to the muscle youre gaining than fix whatever problem is causing that.

But 2 weeks of dieting is rather pointless.

^hey i got a question whats the difference between a “legitimate body re-composition” diet and a cutting diet?

People looking to win the Mr Olympia contest go on a cutting diet.

My point was that it’s necessary to take a fat loss OR a muscle gaining diet seriously. 2 weeks of anything isnt serious. The name you give to a diet consisting of a caloric deficit is not important.