Should I Consider a Powerlifting Career?

Hi! I’m new to this forum, and came to ask for some advice and opinions. So I started working out 8months ago for the goal of gaining muscle cause I was skinny I’m almost 6ft and weighted around 120.

After 8 months I’m 135lbs and today someone at my gym told me that I have amazing strength to my bw which I don’t think it’s impressive at all, but then other dude told me I got elite genetics and I should consider powerlifting or even strongman.

Here are my stats so far and I wanna hear advice should I go for powerlifting or they overhyped me today
Bench - 60kgx19reps
Overhead Press - 55kgx1
Squat 100kgx6-7
Pull ups +25kgx4
Dips +55kgx3

I don’t do deadlifts cause I can’t nail the form correctly for some reason but I’ll find someone who will teach me how to if I decide to do powerlifting.

Also cause I live in small country and powerlifting is unfamiliar with 99%gym goers I can’t find coach, so any info on what should I work on with what program would be welcomed.

Also I eat like 3000kcal per day and I’m gaining weight easily,so that’s not problem for me.

Try it as a hobby first before you decide to do it as a career.


I started playing football about a year ago and the guys I was playing against said I was really good for being so new.

Should I consider a career playing football?

  1. “powerlifting career” as in you plan to make a living off powerlifting? Powerlifting is just a passionate hobby for many of the world’s best lifters, unless you can get to a point where you can benefit off sponsorships and whatnot. Even then a lot of elite lifters still have regular jobs.

  2. Powerlifting itself can be a pretty boring sport to compete in. Try a competition. You may not like it.

  3. If you take lifting seriously, you will reach a point where you know “being strong in a commercial gym” doesn’t necessarily mean you are strong.

  4. For programming ideas, take a look at /r/fitness over on reddit and read through their faq’s. They have a list of recommended programs. And they have guidance for eating well and lots of other good tips.

EDIT: To add,

  1. Genetics shouldn’t matter for whether or not you want to take up powerlifting. Some supremely strong people don’t care about spending 8 hours performing 9 lifts on a Saturday, or dedicating weeks/months to prep for it. Other people lift mediocre weight but love the atmosphere at a competition and what it’s all about. Determine whether or not you like powerlifting. The dude placing last place at a meet will be cheered if he’s putting in the effort.




The semi-pro team in your town would love to have you.


Are you saying that I probably won’t make it to the superbowl?

On a different note, my mom tells me I’m really good at singing so I’ll be winning American Idol next season


A couple questions:

  • How old are you?
  • Do you actually believe powerlifting has a career path? I mean a career to put a roof over your head and food on the table?

I competed in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, but I was better at bodybuilding. IMO, powerlifting is not at all boring, especially in competition. Plus it is many times more satisfying. You are trying to improve your PR’s at the meet, whether you win or not. Fellow competitors are much better people to be around than bodybuilding competitors. Most all will cheer for you to reach a new PR. After powerlifting meets our team would party with the other good powerlifting team.

It is too early to know if you will excel enough at powerlifting to make it to a high competitive level. Stick with it for a couple more years. Even if you don’t excel at powerlifting, it is a great foundation to begin bodybuilding.


My opinion is irrelevant. If you want it, go make it happen. There is no spoon

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Are you willing to sell drugs to put food on the table?

Cuz thats kinda the running model for a “career in powerlifting”.


This and this don’t add up. Sorry. The honest answer is no from me. I’d say you have the opposite of elite genetics.


Are you a teenager? I’ll assume “yes” from the question.

My advice in general would be to not make today’s decisions based on your estimate of tomorrow’s potential ceiling. Just get to work and the opportunities have a way of revealing themselves.

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There’s no $ in powerlifting. Do it cuz you love it. Majority powerlifters in USA all have jobs that pay the bills.

And no, you don’t have good genetics at 6ft 135lb especially if it took you 8 months to gain 15lbs.

You don’t deadlift so how can you do it for a career?

Just eat big, lift big, and sleep big. Work a good job to support yourself. Learn how to deadlift.

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