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Should I Change My Routine?

Hey guys for about a month and a half i have been on the following split
Chest, shoulders, tri’s

Back, bi’s, traps

Legs, calves


Chest, shoulders, tri’s

Back, bi’s, traps

Legs, calves

This routine has been pretty good i pyramid with the first 3 day block and the second 3 day block i go low reps heavy heavy weight.

My question is would it be better for me to switch to a mass routine where i only hit a body part once a week, but concentrate harder on hitting it? I am wondering if this would be better as i would have more time and energy to hit the body part. Any tips advice would be great!

Goals:I am currently 230 at 11-12 percent BF. I would like to go to 250-260 Asap.

I would like to compete soon and i feel i would look best at a weight of 230-235 5-7 percent BF.

If any pictures are needed please tell me and ill load em asap

Thanks guys

If your making gains i wouldnt change it. if your not then id change it