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Should I Change My Program?


Hello, i'm new here and I have one question. Should I try rippletoe's 3x5 starting strength program? I was previously doing Arnold's beginner program 6 days a week. Rippletoe's program is only three days and I get extra rest days so I can possibly grow bigger. I have been on Arnold's beginner program for awhile, I have gained some muscle and the poundage have gone up. Will I be doing enough work in this beginner program or should I try something harder?

I'm not sure how bodybuilding and strength programs but Id imagine the strength programs uses compound exercises so although things are not isolated they are still worked. Has anyone had success going from a bodybuilding program to a strength program, and do you think this is a leap worth taking? Any tips?

old work out below:
5 sets of 8-12 reps unless indicated
monday/thurs : chest/back day
bench press
incline bench press
wide pull ups
bent over row
dead lift 3x10,6,4 or to fail
leg raises 5x25
tues/friday: legs
standing calf raises 5x15
good mornings 3x10,8,6 or to fail
stiff leg dead lift 3x10,6,4 or to fail
leg curls
sit ups 5x25

wens/saturday: shoulders arms
clean and press
push press 3x6,4,2
heavy upright row 3x10,6,4
lateral raises
bb curl
db curl
standing tricep extensions
close bench press
leg raises


What are your goals dude?

No one can give you any advice or opinion without knowing your goals


To gain mass, and strength


for how long have you been doing that program OP??,

if you've learned the right way to perform the exercises then i would suggest to change to 3x5, nothing will make you stronger and bigger than performing the big 3.


6-8 months. Yes, and I'm sure I have the technique solid for all the lifts.


hey man then give stats.

how much did you weight when started the program?? how much do you weight now??

how about your lifts???, if you haven't stalled yet then go on with your program, it's all about keep progressing.


i'm 5'10, 200 pounds. I lost about 20-30 pounds since I started lifting awhile back.
I know these are not very accurate but
bench 155 5x12
squat 155 5x10
dead lift 220 3x10,6,4
bent over rows 135 5x10
Clean and Press 115 5x10

I used the 1rm calculator to find my 5rm which would be around 85% of my 1rm
So I started today @
175 for bench and squats
deads at 210


well dude, i would definitely change to rippetoe's program, your deadlift and specially the squat need some serious attention


im suspecting that you dont use nearly as much weight as you should be using.
perhaps 5 sets of 12 is a bit on the high side. try a medial rep scheme, like 4 x 8. the key here is use heavier weight.


thanks, I will be keeping to rippletoe's program for the upcoming months.