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Should I Carb Up Tomorrow?

I’m on the A.D and my last carb up was only one day. Its been 5 days and all i’ve done were go on walks and one endurnace workout which left me drained. If i do carb up, its going to be for one day only as im skinny fat and put on bodyfat easily. Should I go ahead and carb up tommrow or wait one more day and do it friday???

a) YES you should carb up…the point is to get the insulin pumping into your cells so you have fuel for workouts.

b) You get best results on the AD with lifting

c) IF YOU ARE ADAPTED, YOUR BODY USES FAT!! stop the load only when you feel yourself putting on fat. However, since you are skinny fat just dont care and go the whole 36 hours with smaller carb meals spread out or any other method you like.

you’re right about the 36 hours. thats how long i did it last time because i was tired all day long and couldnt stand it. I dunno about “feeling fat”. I get bloated easily.

Now since my second day consist of both carbs and fats…does that “mix” of diet cause my body to use carbs and store all that fat i eat the second half of the day?

when adapted you shouldn’t convert to carbs in just one day and start to store fat. Maybe try going lower/good fat with a moderate protein on the second day? sort of a 50/25/25 split?
However, I understand the concern here, and the best I can say is go forth and experiment. Thats the only way you’ll know when YOU start adding to the fat.

Experiment with your carb-ups (all fruit, junk food, clean food, all starch, all sugar, big meals,little meals, p/f proportions etc) if you fell worse off, remember theres always next week!! and that knowledge is worth it in the long run

You don’t get to eat until you lift. You’re not worthy.

No, the best carb up day is Tuesday. Unless it’s a full moon, in which case that is the best day unless you are wearing red pants.