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Should I Buy These?


I was searching local papers and websites to buy a power rack, bench, weights, bars.

I have placed an add and some guy just called.

what I exactly wanted was one power rack for every thing(may be shin up bar attatced)

this guy called me with a rack and lat pull down machine. and asking me to pay $450 for both(i mean 450 for all)

including weights and bars and bench and stuffs.

It seems a very good deal if only i had a enough space in my room.

I actually do seems to have some room to fit both in my room but I don;t know if i can do all exercises with this thing that you can do on power rack.

I mean It seems pretty much the same exept It is just seperated to two.

and I don;t know if i can do squat on the machine which i post.

Should I buy these?

the other one as a package

No, look at newyork barbell they have a power rack for $299 with free frieght.Then go pick up a bench for $100.I think thats two much money and you wont be able to do as much with it.

Sounds high to me too for used stuff.

Power Rack is the way to go if you can swing it.

Thaks for reply

I think i will just buy a bench and

a very basic squat rack.

and a barbell with weights.

It seems it will cut off some more money…

Don’t buy the Smith Machine!

  1. Get a Body Solid or Powertec Power Rack

  2. Get the Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell set and Super Bench (and any of the attachments you want - they all work great!)

  3. Get an Olympic weight bar with 300lbs of weights

  4. Get a weight tree/stand

  5. Everything else is optional

A friend and I are currently looking for the same thing. We are probably going to go with York’s rack too, only we can’t find a bench for a price that seems reasonable. If anyone knows where to find an adjustable bench for under $200, would you let me know?