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Should I Buy Stronglifts 5x5 Pro Edition?

Hello, I’m just getting back into powerlifting and want to make sure that I’m doing it right. I’m thinking about buying the pro version of stronglifts to make my life a bit easier. It has many versions like 5x5, 5x1 ect and has warm up sets that’ll be specially calculated for me. Just wondering has any of you brought stronglifts 5x5 Pro? Many thanks, Kieron.

Is this an app? How much is it and what exactly do you get?

Warning: if powerlifting, the answer is most likely going to be no lol

I had the app years back. It was $10 at the time. If you are going to do it, worth the money. I’d buy one of Wendler’s Ebooks though before that app with the hindsight I have now.

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Those screenshots are basically it tbh. I wanted the assisting lifts, warm up sets and different types of ways to lift if I hit a platue.

It was a one time payment when I bought it. It’s up to you, but I’ll tell you stronglifts isn’t magical or anything. I ran it too long, and would have made better progress had I switched to intermediate programming sooner.

There are other apps that actually use AI to program your lifts based on feedback you give the app. I don’t know how good they are, and they are probably more money.

Buying a stronglifts app to get better at powerlifting is like buying a TV dinner to get better at cooking

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I’m using Stronglifts 5x5 just to get me back into the Grove of powerlifting again, I got so much catching up to do like improving my mobility, flexibility and form. So it’s a nice starter program for me to do for 6 months up to a year then I’ll be changing onto 5/3/1 powerlifting.

I’m saying that it does not resemble powerlifting at all. It’s VERY general resistance training.

Dude, take the money you woulda spent on the app and buy “Powerlifting Basics Texas Style” by Paul Kelso on kindle. Run the program from Chapter 6. You’ll be SO much further ahead.


Do they do it in a book version?

It’s out of print, but you can buy paperbacks from secondhand sellers.

This it?

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Seconding this book. Absolutely phenomenal for both the training knowledge and the hella entertaining stories.

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Hello, another question here, is the Sheiko Gold app on Google play store worth it for Powerlifting? I’ve got recommend it by a fellow Powerlifter. Many thanks, Kieron.

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If you’re going to follow an App, that’s the one to follow.

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I wouldn’t jump right into Sheiko if you are just getting back into powerlifting. It’s a ton of volume and the sessions are long.