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Should I Buy My First Squat Suit Too Big?



Im looking for some experienced lifters to critique an idea I have...

I'm going to order my first Squat suit - a Titan Centurion. According to the Titan Sizing chart, I fit a 46 for "Regular" fit.

Now here's the question;

This is my first suit, and I don't train with any partners. Will I be able to put the 46 on by myself, or should I order a 48?
I'm not concerned with maximizing my carryover yet, I'm just looking to learn the gear and get comfortable with it. So if I sacrifice some poundage for being able to get into a suit by myself I'm ok with that. I also don't mind having it taken in if I need to.

Any ideas/recommendations?


Dont go too big unless you plan on going up a weight class. I believe my centurion is a 44 or 46(stock) and I got it when I was closer to 198, fits me much better closer to 220. My straps are never tight until I get above 215, but I'm only 5'9".

You should be able to get it on by your self unless you are very tall, get the suit sliders as well. Dont worry about the poundage at first. My limiting factor when I started using the suit was what I could walkout.

The first time you use it start with the straps down, then go straps up. And make sure you sit back HARD and push you knees out HARD.


Get one size too big


I just started squatting in a suit, so here's what I learned...

-Even a looser suit will feel tight at first, so going a little (just a little) too big is probably a good idea.

-I'm taller (6'1") and I can easily get my suit on by myself using suit slippers.

-Squatting straps down will feel normal, with stopping power and a little carryover from the suit, so you probably won't need a spotter and it won't be too weird for you.

-When you start going straps up, consider getting a spotter. The straps (especially if combined with wraps) will have the tendency to pull you forward, and I almost lost my balance on the first day. I had a friend go crashing into the rack the first day he squatted straps up.

My first suit is a Centurion as well. It has been easy to learn and I've really enjoyed it.


Thanks for your advice guys, Im looking forward to this.

I'm 5'10", and 220 right now, and I lift in the IPF which just raised the weight limits a little. I think I'll go up one size to allow myself some give with the learning curve, and I've got some room to grow in weight as well.

It's good to hear that I'll be able to get this thing on myself -I've been really worried about making such an investment and not being able to use it.

Thanks again, fellas!


be really careful using a suit with no spotters, i would recommend against it, if you have a rack with safety pins do it in that, even try a lighter weight and touch and go onto a parallel box to continue to focus on squatting back with proper form



Oh yeah, I use a full cage with safety pins. While I'm not lucky enough to have a good training partner/spotter right now, I am lucky enough to be able to use a really good cage and a good, sturdy box.
Thanks for the tips - I'm definitely going to approach it very carefully, I've heard of a lot of people being pretty shocked with how the suit reacts. One of the things that attracted me to the Centurion was a few reviews that noted it was pretty predictable and forgiving - it sounds like a great suit for a beginner.


thats awesome then, yes, lifting with a suit is different but i do like the additional weight that i can squat with one, i feel it improves raw total also as it acclimates your cns to a heavier weight. lets us know how it goes


A 48 is going to be really big on you I'd guess. I lift at 242 and my competition suit is a 42 Centurion. I'm not a light 242 either -- I cut weight to get there. If you're 220 now, I wouldn't go any bigger than a 46. I know it is your first suit, but I think you're going to be swimming in a 48.


Hmm, I was all set to order the 48 until now... ha ha ha!

It's confusing out there, I'm really hoping that if I order the 46 it works out well. I'm waiting for feedback from my seller about what he'd recommend, and then if it backfires, I can just blame him. :slight_smile:

Even though I'm still unsure, I really appreciate all of your responses guys!


tough call, maybe there should be a site that has people sell their used stuff- i would say get the larger size and if the suit is too big, exchange it if you can, i was able to do that with Inzer and Crain's at one time.


It's possible to use a suit all by yourself, however it can be a nightmare if it is tight. And remember to have proper security installed. A power rack is a good idea. If it is your first time with a suit, do not expect to hit depth immediately. The suit needs to be broken in.

That being said, personally I've stopped using a squat suit. It takes a lot of time, and it brings nothing to the table in terms of strength. It is a piece of supportive equipment that you can use to get a bigger squat, but it won't increase your actual squatting strength one bit.

If you want to compete, then by all means go for it. If you just enjoy squatting, I don't really see the point with a suit. It is just a hassle as far as I am concerned. It costs money too. :\



I do plan to compete in IPF events, which is why I'm looking into it in the first place. If I weren't competing, I doubt I'd be doing it either. I entertained the idea of just squatting raw at the events, but I don't like the idea of never being able to win... :slightly_smiling:

So until I have access to a local raw federation, squat suits it is!


i compete shw and usually am the only one in my div, 242 is probably the most entered div so it'll be good to have competition!