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Should I Buy HOT-ROX?


I have some extra cash and I've been trying to increase my energy and lost some weight. Should I purchase the HOT-ROX or is it just an expensive caffeine pill?


Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Before turning to thermo's I would suggest exhausting all avenue's in weight loss first. Once you have stagnated than I would incorporate a product like HOT-ROX.


Have you tried the product before? If so what did you think of it?


HOT-ROX is a great product. There's more to it than just caffeine.


I already have an excellent diet. I run 10 miles a week.
Workout 6days a week.
Eat clean 5 days a week. (low-carb, high protein. Lots of meats, tons of vegetables and beans)
The other 2 days are on the weekend where although I also eat clean I consume alcohol.

I'm not trying to lose weight. I enjoy lifting weights and gaining muscle weight (increase in body fat is no problem as it never gets out of control) and I'm looking for something that might give me an extra boost.

I guess a better question is:

Is HOT-ROX a good supplement that might be beneficial to me? Or should I stick to caffeine for its thermogenic effects?

Thanks in advance


Why are you interested in a fat-loss product if you don't want to lose fat?

I think Spike might be more appropriate for your needs.


I hope that's because it's your commute to and from work.

This morning it was:

Now it's:

So... you are or you aren't?

If you want a thermogenic effect, which means you're trying to burn fat with targeted nutrition and specific training, then HOT-ROX is top notch. But taking caffeine just for it's thermogenic effect is like casting George Clooney as Batman; it'll get the job done, but it's not the best choice.

If you want a "boost" to amp you up pre-workout, try a Spike Shooter.


I know when you are trying to gain muscle weight its not recommended to run. I like to keep everything in balance however and I also enjoy the euphoric feeling of running. I therefore run every now and then during the week.

Well I re-read my initial post and figured out I should be more specific. I don't want to lose weight. But I do enjoy the thermogenic effect I get from coffee so I figured HOT-ROX might be a better product for me rather than caffeine pills.
Anyway, it looks like a Spike Shooter might be better suited for my needs. I'm going to look into that.


Not to beat a dead horse, but do you understand what "thermogenic" means?

I get the feeling based on your comments that you're looking for a pick-me-up effect and not a thermogenic effect.


Be aware HOT-ROX Extreme is for serious fat loss subjects. While it will give your enough energy to shoot you through a wall I would not take it without knowing about thermogenics and what you are getting into. If all you want is an energy boost buy a case of Spike Shooters. You will not be dissapointed!


I tried HOT-ROX Extreme. Apart from making me feel a bit dizzy, it had absolutely no effect on my fat loss. It was a waste of time & money for me. Everyone's different though.