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Should I Buy a Rice Cooker?

Hi friends,

Due to the ongoing popularity of my previous thread “Should I buy a slow cooker?”, I have decided to keep the theme going and ask for your advice on my latest idea…

Im thinking of buying a rice cooker. Does anyone here have one? Is it useful? I dont plan to eat 7 cups of rice in one sitting, so what do you do with the left over rice? How long is it good to keep for? Do you have to fill the rice cooker all the way when using it, for example can I just cook 2 cups of rice? What type of rice do you like the best?

Thanks in advance.


I love mine. Bought it for my dorm room, and it’s a life saver. It has a ‘quick rice’ function if I’m low on time. I also cook chicken, beef, pork, ect in there as well. I can throw it in, go hit the gym, take a shower, come back and have dinner ready without wasting time actually cooking it.

I basically use mine like slow cooker though, so if you already have one of those, you may opt to get a smaller rice cooker. Mine is pretty big, but then again I put entire chickens in there sometimes. lol

27 replies is hardly popular but feel free to troll on my Antipodean friend

If you eat rice then just buy the thing. You can probably pick one up for buttons over there

Buy a crock pot, you can do rice in there too. Most bodybuilder friendly cooking tool there is.

Rice is so easy to make that I couldn’t justify spending money on something to make it. I’ll stick with a pot and stove. I suppose if you have money to burn (and who really does? haha) and lack the 10 or 15 minutes every now and then to cook rice, then have at it.

Rice cooker + zatarans red beans and rice

Rice cookers are the best, get one. Easiest thing to clean, makes the rice proper every time too. AND it auto turns off and keeps it warm, so you don’t even need to think about it.