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Should I Bulk or Cut?

Cutting straight for a year, i was 219 lbs (99kg) now i am 152 lbs (69kg), height 6,1" (187cm).
Should i start bulking or keep cutting to get visible abs ?


You should start training hard(er) with a hypertrophy focus and eating properly for growth and you will be able to put on muscle and improve your physique and strength without getting fat or having to ‘cut’.

Appreciate you’ve just come from a background of being what sounds like it was pretty chubby and clearly have fat loss nailed so you will have to change your approach to training and food, I suspect.

Losing 1/3 of your body mass is no joke, but your body will be so much better able to handle nutrients now, your insulin sensitivity will be dramatically improved. From this point you should be able to train and eat much more ‘normally’ (from a BB / physique perspective) and have great results.

Congrats on the weight loss btw, got before to go with the after photos?

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To follow, being 6’1 at 150 your goal, I suspect, will be to go for muscle growth. You will get a lot of people telling you to bulk hard.

As a former fat boy, who has seen other people go down the same path, while that goal is correct, just be careful of the ‘bulk’ mindset. It’s a lot easier to put on fat than muscle. Its not a great term, but ‘lean bulk’ or the equally imperfect ‘clean bulk’ are what you are looking for.

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Thank you! I feel much better now than before cutting. Fortunately during cut i didnt lost so much muscle and my strenght is almost the same. My TDEE is 2000 calories so i think eating 2200 - 2300 calories per day and a lot of proteins should be fine to be able do a clean bulk without gaining much fat.

Is is possible to estimate my body fat ? is it near 12% ?

yes it is

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TDEE of 2000 calories sounds really low, I’m 185cms and 93kgs and my BMR is 2200 calories. I’m aware that you’re lighter but even then that sounds too low.

What do you do throughout your day?

Well it depends what calculator you use but from my personal expierience i know that i have a little bit lower bmr and tdee (about 100 - 150 calories) than what 90% online calculators say. My BMR is ~1650, i’d say im averagely active, 4x/week gym (although my workouts are pretty intense). I think when i will stick to the 2300 calories per day it should be ok for me at least in the beginning. I should gain about 2 pounds a month, if not i will increase calories :slight_smile:. Since i were heavy i am now really scared of getting fat while bulking so i’d rather eat too less than too much.

2200-2300 bulking calories for a 6’1 male seems really low even if you have slow/average metabolism, that’s what my little sis eat to maintain her weight. You can always increase it if you are not gaining I guess

I don’t know if it is that low really.

My maintainance calories is about 2200 and Im 180cm and 85kg. Admittedly I have a sedentary job.

Same boat here. Im significantly lower than any calculator tells me and, having been very focused on your diet for a long time, I suspect you have a good feel for where your maintenance is.

Just be aware that your BMR does slow while dieting long term, and will likely increase as you slowly increase your calories and your body stops dropping mass. SO, as you said, a good plan is eat a little above that maintenance but keep an eye on it (mirror as well as scales) and up the calories periodically if you arent seing movement, and just lower them slightly if you are gaining fat a little too fast.

I work as a plumber full time so maybe I’m just out of touch, lol