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Should I Bulk Or Cut?

Really want to have my abs back from when i was a skinny mofo , especially because summers coming up , was thinking of a bulk until possibly end of may or the beginning of june , then cutting , but im going to have a really busy schedule this summer. Is my physique looking good with enough for a short cut (about 8 weeks)? Give me your opinions!
16 y/o

Keep gaining.

Just do any Dan John or Waterbury full body template. -At 16 you will lean out and gain muscle at the same time

Diet:eat a lot of protein and veg, no junk. Thats it.

Do you have any long term goals?

Honestly , id like a beachbody type physique (such as a zac efron in baywatch) . You know the abs , nice shoulder to waist ratio , but im not sure if i need to add more mass to my frame as i am taller in order to look the part if i cut down , and not just be skinny.

At your age, I believe you should always be looking for a lean gains approach (unless you’re am absolute fatass). Put those raging hormones to good use. You can shred when you are older and more developed.

I can’t really tell you whether you should bulk or cut right now, because that’s a personal decision you need to figure out based on your values. Aesthetics are just an opinion. I can understand wanting abs for the summer, and I can also understand wanting bigger arms. lol.

But I CAN tell you that if you want to look like Efron, you will need to put on muscle, no question. You’re much smaller than he is, from a muscularity standpoint. That dude has obviously put in serious time at the gym.

And I’d put in work everywhere, don’t do any bodypart specialization for the sake of bringing up this lagging body part or that one. You’re well balanced right now. Add size everywhere.



OP listen to the man he speaks truth.
Actually based off a very old rule of thumb at your height you need to be around the 220 mark adjusting up for the height difference. Which based on what I see from your pics your frame could manage it. But its not going to happen over night.