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Should I Bulk or Cut? 15 Years Old


Hey guys, I'm 15 and ive been bulking for the past 2 months. Went from 173 lbs to about 195. I've been bulking, and surprisingly enough, havent added even an inch to my waist. I started, however, kinda chubby with around 15% body fat. Now im probably around 13% or so. I want to have ripped abs and be generally ripped for summer but I also really want that big strong bulky body for football/basketball. I've been confused for awhile and I'm just wondering if it's even necessary to lose much weight to achieve the lean-ness i want? I've heard about 10% is really good for athletes hence that's my goal. 10% body fat, and being over 200 lbs. To achieve this, should I cut now or bulk more until im around 210?


To get to 200 @ 10%, you're probably going to need to bulk to at least 220 @15%. It's really too late to worry about this summer, so shoot for next summer or even a couple years down the road. I know you want it NOW, but if you get caught up in the bulk/cut/bulk/cut bullshit, it'll take you a lot longer to reach your big goals.


Continue with a bulk, try to make it clean. That's about the best you're gonna do for this summer.


You're fifteen frakking bulk. Do it cleanish as suggested and just get as big and strong as you can. For years.


You should go with something you can follow, and make your diet clean. It's not unreasonable for you to hit a considerably lower bodyfat and gain muscle at your age if you simply clean up your diet and add in some hill sprints, etc..


why is it people even here still believe in that old fashioned myth, that you can't get bigger and more lean at the same time. my god, people do it all the time. you don't have to bulk, then cut. that approach is oldddd and no longer necessary. you can get bigger and more lean at the same time.


You've put on 20lbs while dropping some fat.

Why ask for advice? Don't change a thing.


So you got to 285 without bulking? And you got there while getting leaner, but you don't even know how much bodyfat you're carrying?

I read through some of your other posts, too. Post more pics, I smell a poser.


What program are you following? What does your diet look like? How tall are you?
Oh and congrats on finding this site at 15. If we can get you to actually LISTEN and FOLLOW advice that the more experienced posters give you, you will be able to unlock beast-mode before you even turn 20.

Common culprits for young trainees:

a) Not eating enough and trying to "bulk" on chicken breast, rice cakes and broccoli.
b) Eating too much sugary junk (fucks up your insulin sensitivity, which is bad for both bulking and cutting)
c) Jumping from program to programs within months. If it works for you, keep doing it! If there's nothing broke, why fix it?
d) Neglecting back and legs in your exercise selection.

For now, keep doing what has obviously been working for you in those last 2 months and don't be too concerned about being "ripped". Chicks will give you plenty of attention over broad shoulders, biceps and the like (especially in your age group) at the beach.


Read this like a hundred times. I wish I knew about this site when I was 15. Hell I wish I knew about it when I was 20. Don't worry about getting a beach bod and a six pack on a 15 year old just means you're skinny as shit. If you want to gain more weight, I suggest a gallon of whole milk a day and a 20-squat routine. google GOMAD. Also, I'm not sure what template you follow, but since you play football I suggest you do a Bill Starr 5x5 or some other type of 5x5 for a few YEARS and then see where you're at.

that being said, no, don't "cut" just do hill sprints.


The answer is simple...because they themselves haven't gotten bigger and leaner at the same time. Plus, bigger and leaner =/= gain muscle+lose fat. 170 lbs 15% body fat, add 20 lbs muscle, 2 lbs fat...you're now closer to 14% and leaner. Perhaps that's where some confusion comes in...


Kid, listen to me closely:

If you are serious about having a good physique... As in, people turning their head and saying "holy shit." kind of physique... You need to drop the idea of "bulking and cutting" for the next long while and focus on the following:

1 - Find a good program that you can stick to. There are tons out there that are tested and that work (Starting Stregnth, 5/3/1...) - Basically any program that will have you lifting more and more weight for the next several years. Lifting more and more weight is THE KEY to your progress for probably the next 20 years.

2 - Dont neglect your cardio. You dont need to be doing hours, but 2-4 sessions a week of high intensity cardio (I like HII style on the recumbent bike for about 16-20 minutes) is going to work wonders at keeping you lean for the next few years (forever really)

3 - GET STRONG AS SHIT, AND EAT TO GAIN WEIGHT - THIS is THE SECRET to getting that physique. There is a reason guys with huge chests and legs can bench 4 plates per side and squat 6 plates per side. Make sure you are EATING enough to gain, but not so much that you are getting fat (see rule 2)

4 - Eventually, when you are thick as a brick shit house, you can take 16 weeks to cut up. You'll find me 5 years from now and thank me that you didnt cut down to 150 pounds at 7% body fat and instead waited until you were 225 at 12%, and cut to a solid-as-Sears 204 at 7%... TRUST me on that.

Or if you are just interested in looking "fit" or "in shape" or heaven forbid "toned" disregard every I said above, do endless amounts of cardio, and dont focus on gaining strength.

I wish I could go back 10 years to when I was 16 and tell myself this instead of farting around for so long before I stumbled upon these "secrets"


Lots of helpful information. Thanks guys.


So true, but I still lol'ed...