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Should I Break or Keep Going?


Hey everyone,
I started the I,Bodybuilder series about 5 weeks ago, and i am seeing massive improvements. I have a problem though. The person who i work out with has to go for surgery to get a hernia removed from his stomach. He will be out 4-6 weeks. It sucks because he was doing so well also. Should I continue going with the series and just have him pick up where i am when he returns?

A few points on the whole story:
-He's 50 and has a bum knee so he really cant do to much with his legs. He tries, but it swells to much for him to walk the next day.
- we are half way through the back phase. I will keep moving through legs and he will pick up with chest.

Now, if i take a break from this series, i was going to do Coach's experimental arm workouts.
I would love to do this because my arms don't really have to much size to them compared to the rest of my body, and i would like to help this.

I'm not going to stop working out. Ill either keep going or do the arms in the mean time.

What do you think Coach and Crew?

Im asking if it would hurt me to stop the program while he is getting surgery and then resume, or if i would have to start over.

Thanks everyone,


Are you really asking whether you should stop the program because your training partner requires surgery?

If so, only you can answer that. The thought would never cross my mind.


By the way, I believe the experimental arm training video was just that, an experiment. I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended to be a workout prescription.


Your right, should have ended the post better.
Im asking if it would hurt me to stop the program while he is getting surgery and then resume, or if i would have to start over.

And the video is experimental. So i am going to experiment. I watch it and learn the workouts, and the purpose of them.

Then im all set.

Thanks HK


I would continue with the routine, although it probably wouldn't "hurt" you to stop and pick it up as long as you kept training intensely.

Training partners come and go and your lifting can't revolve around them. That being said, you could probably do fine stopping and picking up a split where arms day is based off the Experimental workout. And then come back to the I'BB.


I know they come and go, but its my girlfriends dad. They are absolutly fucken loaded and he has his own gym, so without him, I would have to travel quite far for a "real" gym. Not some flex gym baby back bullshit...



So if you end up marrying GF then I guess you gonna have to change your screen name, eh?


Ha no shit. I already need to change it. Im working now. That was my AIM screen name from when i was about 10. Im 18 now so soon enough i will get around to changing it.