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Should I Bench Press as a Sprinter?


Recently i have stopped benching because I am looking to break my school record in the 100 m dash. I figured that benching just adds useless pounds to my chest so i switched to military pressing. I've been doing this for a while and i still wonder if this is a bad idea or not.

Any ideas?


I doubt that you will be gaining lbs on your chest while training for a 100m sprint record


This may not be relevant at your level of experience (unknown)

But sprinters need balance, and you wont see any light up top and heavy on the bottom sprinters

Are you big in the legs and light in the upper torso?

Thats all I got


I dont get why military pressing would be any different to bench pressing as far as its usefulness or hinderence to sprinting.
No, having a huge bench press is not going to help your sprinting, however you are likely not anywhere near that yet so do a bit of chest work along with everything else.

Things you can do in the gym to help your sprinting:
Stretch!, espeacially your hip flexors
Walking lunges, for mobility and to strengthen hamstrings and glutes
Hip thrusts, about the only exercise where you go beyond 180 degrees of hip extension.
A really good core program.

Remember that your track work is priority as far as your sprinting goes although generally being stronger will help.


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ben johnson - 9.79 seconds - lots of useless pounds on his chest


You need delts to sprint and after i started doing heavy military presses I've developed stretch marks on my shoulders.

@ the dude that posted the ben johnson picture, he took roids he dosen't count.

Just look at Tyson Gay and Usain Bolt, they don't have big chest muscles at all.


Bench press is not what makes your chest big. It can be a tool for getting a bigger chest if you choose the right paramaters (volume, intensity, rest intervals, etc.) It can also be a tool for getting stronger. It can be a tool for building power in your upper body. Don't assume that it will automatically put monstrous amounts of size on, especially if all your training parameters on all your other lifts are geared towards improving your 100m dash.


A guy going to my gym ran the 8th fastest 100m in the world a couple years back. He was in the top 10% or so as far as benching at my gym went.