Should I Begin a Cycle?

Hello. I have trained for around 4+ month now - 2+ of them rather serious, and have made very good gains. I am 1.90 meters high with a F% of around 12. Went from 170 lbs to 200 lbs in those months. Alot of it is probably water, since i also take creatine. I am bulking like crazy, but my F% haven't really changed much. 

I’m also squatting 200 pounds 3x8, benching 120 pounds 3x8 and deadlifting 150 pounds 3x8.
Right now my program looks like this:

Bench Press
Chin Ups
Bent-over Row
Close-/widegrip Benchpress (if i want to)
Military Press
Lateral Raise
Full-contact-twists / Janda Situps
Most of it with 3x8.

Next month i take one week and some days of decondition. Should i begin a cycle after that? Will that give me better gains in terms of mass? And what cycles should i try? Etc. Thanks.

is this post serious?

if so you should keep training until you aren’t gaining which shoul be a couple of years.