Should i be worried

Ok this is going to seem strange but ive gotten alot stronger over 4 or so weeks i really push myself hard when it comes to both weights and cardio and my lifts have almost doubled in some cases in the space of 4 weeks.

But my weight is kinda the same it goes up and down but i cant drop below 106/107 kgs.

I was eating 2000cals a day this week ive droped it to 1800 cals and sticking to 40grams of carbs and all the carbs are from vegies and apples and i drink nothing but water and protein shakes.

Ive lost half a inch on my neck

1inch off my chest
4 off my wasit
5 off my hips
3off my thigh
and gained a inch on my calf

so i dunno if i should be worried or not, what do you guys think?

Also some back ground on my genetics there are two types of people in my family, fat guys and really built and soild guys

It looks to me you’ve made good progress. The inches mean more than the pounds. Don’t reduce your calories. You are gaining muscle and losing fat. You’re on your way to becoming on of the really built and solid guys.


Some more stats would be useful (ie height and lifts) but from the looks of it, you’re gaining strength and while getting leaner - you must be doing something right. :wink:

weight alone is real bad indicator, if you lose some amount of bodyfat but gain the same amount of muscle mass during that period, you see (obviously) no difference in bodyweight.

Depending on your training experience, you could experiencing so called “beginner gains”, which would explain a rapid gain in lean mass in a short period of time while losing fat simultaneously.

As long as your lifts are going up, there is no need to worry.

I would advise you not to decrease your caloric intake. I really don’t think you are in any trouble at all. Like the last guys said, just weight is not and indicator of your progress. Your improvement of strength, running, and ability handle your own body weight are some of the best ways to find out whether you’re headed in the right direction.
However, If you really are just looking to see how your body is responding to the trails you are putting it through, I would suggest using the high-tech device known as the mirror.

ta ive put the scales away and ill check them in 4 weeks time !